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  • John's Blog

    My Second Webcast

    Yesterday I gave my second and final MSDN Webcast, this time on the topic of migrating eMbedded C++ applications to Visual Studio 2005. As before, it was quite a stressful but enjoyable experience. I'm not sure I'm cut out to be one of life's great demonstrators...
  • Heath Stewart's blog

    Logging for the New Patch Wrapper

    About the logging policy for the new patch wrapper shipping with patches for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005....
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Early Easter Eggs

    Jensen Harris's blog post today talked about an early Easter Egg he found in the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer BASIC interpreter. What's not widely known is that there were Easter Eggs in MS-DOS. Not many, but some did slip in. The earliest...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    BizTalk and Winfows Workflow, per Woodgate

    Scott Woodgate has a response in this post to a question raised about Windows Workflow Foundation in relation to BizTalk Server. Of course, because all of you are serious about BizTalk Server, you've already read his blog entry... but just in case. ...
  • Bug Babble

    More hours in the day

    In the summer of '94 I sketched a design for my ideal 'mp3' player. I didn't spec the compression format. If I had, it would have been called a 'bit' player back then. I wanted a walkman replacement. However, the feature I most craved was understandable...
  • Feroze Daud's WebLog

    PING: Adventures in Socket programming using System.Net

    After a long hiatus, I am back to posing to my blog. I am going to start out with a series on Socket programming. In this series, I will show you how to implement a simple Ping client using classes from the System.Net.Sockets namespace. It should...
  • Rob's Rhapsody

    SAPI 5 is 5 years old!!

    It's hard to believe, at least for me, that SAPI 5 is 5 years old now. For those of you that don't know, SAPI 5 is the Microsoft Speech API, version 5, that was released to the world on 10/19/2000. SAPI 5 has been the basis for speech application development...
  • Musings on software development

    Project files are back for web projects in VS 2005!

    That's almost true .... :) Last week I was involved with testing an add in that the ASP.NET team was working on - it is called "Web deployment projects". This is an add in that will be shipped about the same time as VS 2005. Having used VS 2003 back in...
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    Can't move cursor in VS 2005 text editor

    A customer ran into this issue where they can't move the cursor in the text editor and other things didn't work such as control-Z and import/export settings. The workaround is: Shutdown Visual Studio Click Start -> Run Type in "devenv...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Transition time

    We're at the point in the process for VS2005 where there is basically no work left for devs to do. (The product hasn't shipped yet, but devs are not busy.) Before starting the next product cycle, there are a few things that we're doing differently...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    We Share Your Pain (WSYP)

    I don’t really know what to say about this except you have to check it out! # I will be checking my office chair a...
  • annotated in parsing

    My Dev team is bigger than yours.

    On my drive in today I heard a piece on NPR entitled " Corporate Influence Seen Harming Entertainment Industry " Some analysts and producers say the entertainment industry is struggling because of the corporatization of movie and TV studios. The...
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