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  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    Techie "Toys" My Toddler Digs

    As a first time parent of the most incredible creature to ever walk this Earth--my fourteen month old daughter, Kiera --I am perpetually amazed by the simplicity and inexpensiveness of the objects and experiences that capture and hold her interest. Like...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Virtual Networking and Wireless network adapters

    Some people have noticed that our support for virtual networking when using a physical wireless network adapter is a bit hit and miss. The reason for this is because in order to perform our virtual networking - we implement an OSI layer 2 filter driver...
  • Vittorio Bertocci

    Mobile delight

    You may or not may believe it, but I'm writing this post from my new JasJar!!! Everything works nicely (community server is GREAT), and the tiny keyboard is just amazingly effective... too bad I'm too busy now to play with it as it would deserve :)
  • Satisfy Me

    Clipster now live on Channel 9

    I spoke with Jeff Sandquist ( ) last week on Channel 9 and some of the new features. Yesterday I saw that Channel 9 launched Clipster , which introduces personal video recorder for video blogs on Channel 9, allowing users...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Internet TV and the coming transformation

    There have been a flurry of recent internet / TV related developments this past week: the UK's Channel 4 is to commission programming purely for the Internet . Then vh1 and MTV launched their broadband TV offering . Of course, news of iPod and Disney...
  • devi's blog

    Can PNG be king?

    I was wondering why PNG has not managed to knock-out GIF images. The PNG home page offered an excellent summary of the reasons. For those still wondering why we should be bothered about PNG, here is an executive summary: The W3C has had a recommendation...
  • Santomania

    LINQ for mere mortals @ NJ Code Camp, this Saturday (Oct. 15th)

    If the LINQ materials currently available on the web make your head spin (Lambda Expressions? Query Comprehensions /w Extension Methods and Inline Initialization of Anonymously Typed objects? huh?) then you are invited to the the NJ Code Camp this Saturday...
  • Tripp Parks's WebLog

    Don't trust the tweak sites

    I saw this on Ed Bott's blog
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    A Geeks Halloween Party!

    Halloween is only once a year or is it?.... Please join the Sterlings at a pre-Halloween Halloween party Oct 22nd. Email me at for directions, RSVP's etc Chuck
  • Security in SQL Server 2005 and beyond

    The beginning - Securing Data

    I have always wanted to have a blog, and I have always had a lot to blog about, but looking at other blogs I always felt I wasnt articulate enough to get my thoughts across. Although true, it just is a good excuse for my laziness. Well, not much has...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Todays WE-DIG Meeting - Linux and Phones.

    This evening the WE-DIG board met at the WE-DIG World-Wide HQ (a Starbucks in Bellevue attached to a Barnes and Noble bookstore) The "Board Room" looks out onto the bookstore - Just take a look at the sign in the window, I wonder if this was planned...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    GotDotNet Windows CE Project for Gumstix

    David Vescovi has created a GotDotNet workspace for the "Drumstix Project" - this is the project to get Windows CE up and running on the GumStix board. The GotDotNet workspace requires you to register, and this requires that you have a Passport account...
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