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  • Brian Jones: Office Solutions

    Talking with Scoble about the XML formats on Channel9

    Robert Scoble swung by last week and we talked a bit about these new formats (very cool guy). He recorded the interview and it's posted up here on Channel 9:
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Jacob Nielsen: what about RSS?

    Jacob Nielsen's written up a look-back article on the 10th anniversary of his widely read Alertbox column series. Nielsen as succeeded in being the customer advocate regarding the usability of sites, and while I don't always agree with his views, I...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Microsoft Office Open XML Formats

    Scoble dropped the hint , and Mary Jo Foley spilled the beans . C|New has also jumped the gun on this . There's a piece on Channel 9 over here , and it won't be long before the official press release is here . (I waited more than 10 minutes past the deadline...
  • Brian Jones: Office Solutions

    New default XML formats in the next version of Office

    I’m Brian Jones, a program manager on the Word team. I’ve been at Microsoft for about 6 years, and have been working on XML support in Word and across Office for a good percentage of that time. I thought I’d set up this blog to talk with people about...
  • DDITDev

    A SQL function you just CAN’T live without... (posted by Aaron)

    When SQL functions were first introduced I stumbled across one function in particular that I’ve probably used more than any other. In fact, I doubt I’ve developed too many databases that didn’t use this great little function. It’s really quite simple...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    Is PDC worth it?

    Interesting post here . Its a very fair question to ask. I’ve been more closely involved in PDC planning this year than ever before, especially the content planning. The team has been very aware of some of the well made points in the post and comments...
  • Mark Bower

    New XML File Formats for Office 12

    As a number of bloggers have already picked up, yesterday we made a significant announcement about Office 12. Word, Excel and PowerPoint will get new default file formats based on XML. The extensions will change from .DOC, .XLS, .PPT to .DOCX, .XLSX,...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    TechEd Excitement!

    Went through some walkthroughs with Dan Winn, Michael Raheem and Christian Kleinerman today for our sessions at TechEd on Monday and Tuesday. I’m excited, looks like we have sneaked up to 7 slides (our goal was 5 or less so we could spend more time on...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    TechEd 2005 - Mobilizer Madness.

    Are you going to TechEd 2005, don’t have anything planned for the evenings, want to win a Smartphone ? – then sign up for Mobilizer Madness – Here’s the description of the game from the web site. Mobilizer Madness is coming to TechEd 2005! Gather up...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Technorati Profile for Georgeo Pulikkathara

    It sure looks like I need to update my Technorati Profile. Technorati Profile
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    New Office File Formats Announced.

    Check this out on MSDN Channel 9 – Office will support XML as it’s default file format, what does this mean ? – it means the file format for Office will be open for anyone to create or manipulate office documents – think about non-Microsoft platforms...
  • Min Kwan Park's bLog

    We are building city than just a building...

    Few weeks ago, I got some time to think about how we should approach to our S/W design/test engineering. IMHO, in many cases, we end up like building construction. I think that it is making sense to see an application as a building which has many internal...
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