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    Visual Studios 2013 – Virtual Launch Almost Here!!!

    go͝odē UP Download Visual Studio 2013 (also available on MSDN subscriber downloads ) Save the date for Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Launch on Nov 13th Read the VS 2013 release announcement by S. Somasegar: Visual Studio 2013 available for download Read...
  • Michael Pedersen's Blog

    Debugging and diagnosing MS Fakes

    Once in a while the automatic Fakes generation might fail. Below is a few hint on how to start debugging. Make sure that build action of the .Fakes file is set to Fakes: This kicks off the actual generation of the fakes assemblies when you build...
  • Windows App Studio News

    My App Helps People Bake Like It's 1869

    • 0 Comments has used the App Studio platform to create an amazing app dedicated to helping people bake authentic heritage baking. Want to check out their app, download it from the App Store Here Want to learn more about Grainstorm and its mission...
  • Share Poignant

    Why is CLR Requesting to resolve an assembly via BDC over and over?

    Symptoms   Under a heavy client load a performance problem develops in your SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 farm's WFEs. It's hard to figure out what is and what isn't affected by the perf problem. Workflows that once took 30 seconds to run might...
  • OneNote Testing

    Defining "bug" part 2

    As our former intern and I continued our discussion about what constitutes a bug, our conversation meandered over to code reviews. Code reviews refers to the peer review of code that happens before we are allowed to check in. On a simple level, we check...
  • Jean-Sébastien Dupuy

    Tutorial Series - Introduction to Direct3D with XAML application development for Windows Phone 8 : Transformation Matrices


    Transformation matrices

    I will dedicate this post to matrices. If you missed this mathematical discipline thinking it was probably useless: bad luck, in the world of 3D rendering this topic is essential! :)

    A simple explanation (basically) is that each matrix is ​​defined as an array of numbers (4x4 in our case) which will simplify our life for applying transformations to the cube mesh (rotation, translation and scaling). As I do not claim to give you an algebra class (that my notions are actually quite limited), I suggest you to visit the resources section at the end of this article (stolen on a previous post from my colleague David Rousset ^^):

    Before depressing, the good news is that Direct3D manages much of the inherent complexity of the matrices, the important point to understand is that the coordinates of our object (vertices in first) will be transformed in the following way.

    1. In the first place, we will apply transformations on the object (model) to position it appropriately in the scene.
    2. Then, we'll look at this object from a certain point of view. Imagine a camera that fits over our cube. We will apply the appropriate transformations to see the object in the new coordinates system.
    3. And finally the projection. It is nice to be in a 3D world, but our screen is a flat surface where each pixel is represented by 2 values (x and y). Projection will help us to switch from the 3D world to the 2D surface.

    These transformations are defined by different matrices: model, view and projection. Our initial data (stored in the Vertex Buffer) will be transformed by these matrices to obtain the final coordinated of our pixel on the screen.

    This is largely the role of the Vertex Shader (yet another technical term ^^) to perform this operation. How does it do? It will simply multiply the starting coordinates with each matrix model, view and projection, job completed!

  • Georgeo Pulikkathara's Microsoft Blog

    House Web sites hacked, leading to call for review -

    Why GovTrends needs to implement the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) for their website development. “Eighteen House Web sites operated by GovTrends experienced similar attacks in August, Ventura said. Pelosi and Boehner noted Thursday that...
  • Microsoft UK Further Education Blog

    Microsoft launches YouthSpark

    YouthSpark , Microsoft's latest philanthropic effort, is a three-year initiative aimed at creating opportunities for 300 million young people worldwide. The new initiative will focus Microsoft's philanthropic efforts squarely on youth, which sits in line...
  • El Teclado de Mugártegui

    Mini Curso Xamarin en Español

    ¡Nuevo mini curso Microsoft Virtual Academy de Xamarin con Visual Studio 2013 para iniciar a programar en múltiples plataformas!
  • Microsoft UK Further Education Blog

    Little Miss Geek Wearable Tech Event

    On 25th April, the fashion and technology worlds collided at a schools event where girls were encourage to create Wearable Technology. The event, held in celebration of International Girls in ICT Day, was hosted by social enterprise company Little Miss...
  • SQL With A Plan

    Temp Table Recompilation Activity in One Session Can Affect Another Session

    Query recompilation related to temp table data changes has long been thought limited to individual session scope. In another word, different sessions may populate their temp tables very differently and we count on the query recompilation to happen individually...
  • MSDN オンライン チームブログ

    エバンジェリストはこんなイベントに参加してます! (2/22 - 28) #MSVJP

    皆さんこんには! エマージングテクノロジー推進部の馬田です。 今週もエバンジェリストは多岐にわたるイベントに出席しています。 今回は技術系イベントも多めですね。遠隔参加のものもいくつか含まれていますが、是非エバンジェリストを見かけたらお声掛けください。 数えてみたら、今週は 1 週間で 15 個+α のイベントに参加するみたいです! 皆さんも興味のあるイベントには是非ご参加くださいね。 2 月 22 日(土) Life is Tech ...
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