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  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Love poem for .net

  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Mobility Marvels is Marvelous!

    Wow, "marvelous" there's one of those words that I never though I'd use, go figure (yeah it's a corny title, so what:))? In any regard, have you had a chance to check out our Mobility Marvels webcast series (every Wednesday at 11am)? In addition to learning...
  • Mark M's WebLog

    Creepy Spam

    One of the great things about working at Microsoft is that you get very little spam . Every now and then one slips through, but I don't think I've ever seen email as disturbing as the body of the message I just received: He has been watching...
  • Matusow's Blog

    Back In The Blog Chair

    Summer has been hard on my blogging. The sun seems to draw me away from my laptop and onto my mountain bike. Breaking my finger seems to have given me a boost back into the blogging chair (slower typing though) and away from the bike. I have a suggestion...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    250% of what, exactly?

    I just got a question this morning about how to take two collections of items and determine how many of those items had the same name. The user had written this straightforward but extremely slow VBScript algorithm: For Each Frog In Frogs For Each...
  • when setup isn't just xcopy

    PDC '05, I'll be there. Will you?

    Imagine a blog entry where I note that I'm attending PDC'05 and ask if there is interest in an unscheduled WiX BOF....
  • Eric Jarvi

    This looks promising, up-and-coming blog site at Infragistics (supporter of the .NET community): "Blogs Anyone? I would like to make everyone aware of another information outlet from Infragistics - our new blog site.
  • Brian Goldfarb's Blog

    HasLayout -- Mysteries unveiled

    In conjunction with WaSP members (like Dean Edwards and others) and other experts, Markus Mielke created an awesome article on HasLayout that explains what it is, how it works, and how it affects Web developers and designers who are trying to build Web...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Update on my family and others that rode out Hurricane Katrina in Waveland, MS

    Oh lord, what a crazy 72 hours it has been, and I’m in Seattle!  This is my attempt to leave my family members and friends of family more information about the whereabouts of my family and their well-being.  As I get word from other families...
  • Glen's old blog

    South Carolina Code Camp is almost here - September 17 in Charleston

    What a great way to spend a Saturday - filling your brain with info on .NET from some great speakers in the local dev community and beyond. The South Carolina Code Camp is Saturday, September 17th in Charleston, SC. This free community-delivered .NET...
  • Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles

    Are you going to be at PDC?

    Are ya? If ya are, and your evening schedule has got holes in it, well, don’t fret. I’m gonna be there, and I’m gonna make sure I have as much fun as I possibly can (which shouldn’t be too difficult considering we’re gonna be in LA). So, drop me an...
  • Ravi Rao's Blog

    PDC is upon us! How exciting!

    PDC is coming, from 9/13 - 9/16. This is Microsoft's premier conference for developers, where developers can learn about what all Microsoft is doing to make Windows a more attractive developer platform. Peer to Peer will have a big presence at this event...
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