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  • Writing ... or Just Practicing?

    An Insight Into The Future Of Data Analysis?


    It seems like everything is “HD” these days. Your laptop has a “high density” plastic case, your car has a “heavy duty” battery, and your TV has a “high definition” picture. So I guess it’s only to be expected that your data analysis tools will be “highly distributed”. And at last we’re “happily done” with our guide to HDInsight.

  • Satisfy Me

    Managing podcasts: Marc Mercuri's InfoCenter

    Microsoft Watch has an article today on Marc Mercuri's information-aggregator, Information Center, or InfoCenter. As noted on Marc's blog, if you haven't heard of InfoCenter, then it's worth checking out
  • Igniting the Revolution...

    Virtual Blitz

    For partners outside of the DC area who can't make it into the office for one of our bi-monthly "Shark Tank" blitz activities, we've got a solution for you!! We blitz virtually...You get email templates invite templates call scripts a customized website...
  • The App Compat Guy

    Exploring Manifests Part 1: Side by Side Assemblies

    One of the features of Windows that (to me at least) seems to get comparatively little attention are manifests. If you are not familiar with manifests, they are XML files that communicate with the loader to express certain bits of metadata. Manifests...
  • Liza's Blog

    Headed to Chicago

    Next week I am relocating to Chicago. I've already found the Midwest BizTalk User Group and I plan on attending the Chicago meetings. I'll still be writing BizTalk Server content while attending graduate school. Liza
  • Geir Morten Allum's nettsky/cloud computing hvor, hva, når, hvorfor, osv...

    BizTalk "Oslo", versjon 6 av BizTalk er annonsert

    30. oktober ble det lagt ut pressemelding om BizTalk kodenavn Oslo. Har ennå ikke funnet ut hvordan de kom opp med dette kodenavnet, men moro er det i alle fall. Det er fem hovedområder man definerer som sentrale i denne versjonen: Server. Microsoft BizTalk...
  • Philo's WebLog

    Dimension Security in SQL Server Analysis Services

    I know, the mind boggles - a developer writing about security... While I was doing the research for this, I was startled by the number of articles on this topic that immediately talk about using MDX queries for dimension security. While MDX queries...
  • Visual Studio news

    discussion avec un designer

    je viens de passer une apres midi complete avec un Media designer Suisse (Stéphane Malégeant de la société T&I). Le gars etait orienté Macromedia/Adobe mais semble très interessé par la gamme expression. Le bon côté de ma discussion : Expression...
  • Toffer's WebLog

    random posting...

    • 0 Comments's been a while since I've posted. Luckily I my self eductions of coding hasn't been as slow as my posting on this blog. heh. I've been noticing that I get a lot of random comments over time on some of my posts and overall they seem to be helpful...
  • Going Native to See Sharp!

    [PL] Dynamics CRM "Titan" - wcześniejsza adopcja

    Do premiery Tytana coraz bliżej i coraz głośniej z rozwiązaniami naszych partnerów. Ben Riga na swoim blogu opublikował ciekawe informacje na temat rozwiązań partnerskich: - Galeforce...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Top Links from September

    I thought I might review some of the things I linked to that seemed to be the most interesting to the most people in the last month. Tablet PC Stuff The IEEE Computer Society magazine issue with a bunch of articles on Tablet PCs in education...
  • Chris Johnson

    Orbital Voting using MS products...

    Sometimes it blows my mind how our software is used ... this rocks: NASA Astronaut Votes from Space Using Microsoft Outlook 2003 On Election Day, NASA Astronaut Leroy Chiao cast his ballot from the most remote location to date: aboard the...
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