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  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Government data - programmatic access?

    Microsoft Public Sector DPE is looking for a few good API's. Are you aware of any government data that is available via a public API? (Web Services, REST, JSON or other...) If you are please send me a note, or respond via comment on this blog.  My...
  • VSTO みちしるべ ~道標~

    VSTO Web サービス連携 その1

    今回は松崎さんと小高さんのブログへのリンクをつけさせていただきました。 私からするとお二人は OBA の神でして、本当にいろいろな事を勉強させていただいております。 松崎さん、小高さん ご紹介や相互リンク、誠にありがとうございます。 今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。 早いもので、4月も終わりに近付いております。 4月は結構、イベントのデモ作成や案件対応で忙しかったり、酔っ払いに絡まれて大けがしたり、かなり、凹むことがあったりで、 結構、あわただしい月でした。 仕事のベクトルがすごく大きく、強い中...
  • Mark Johnston's Blog

    Great advice for Imagine Cup competitors

    Pitching Your Idea Some great advice from Philip (MS) and Perry, a marketing professor in the US, for Software Design competitors. This is great advice for UK competitors as they pull together their submissions for sending in on the 15th May. The UK finalists...
  • Software Development and Deployment

    Microsoft and Open Source

    Many people think that Microsoft and OS movement have nothing in common. Well, they are wrong. Just take a look at Open Source at Microsoft web site . Brad Wilson provides more personal experience with Open Source at Microsoft in his interview . Recommended...
  • Phil's Blog

    HPC Server 2008 April CTP Release Now Available

    Please see the latest Community Technology Preview (CTP) release of Windows HPC Server 2008 at the beta program community site ( http://Connect.Microsoft.Com ). If you aren't yet a registered beta program participant, then you'll first need to join the...
  • Architects Rule!

    Windows Azure Service Management (WASM) Cmdlets

    I am happy to announce the updated release of the Windows Azure Service Management (WASM) Cmdlets for PowerShell today.  With these cmdlets you can effectively automate and manage all your services in Windows Azure.  Specifically, Deploy new...
  • Teams WIT Tools

    Reporting in Team Foundation Server 2010: Part 5: SharePoint Foundation Dashboard

    In my last post , I covered the topic on creating a team dashboard. Let’s look at the dashboard experience on Windows SharePoint Services / SharePoint Foundation: SharePoint Dashboards SharePoint Server dashboard Out-of-the-box experience Customizing...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Adopt Touch, Multi-Touch on Windows 7

    If you’ve been wondering why you might want to adopt Windows 7, Bill Lodin has the video for you from MSDEV . Windows 7 Touch allows developers to create new experiences that go beyond simple mouse pointing, clicking, and dragging. The new multi touch...
  • Life as a Developer Evangelist

    Quick Tips About ASP.NET MVC – Using AJAX 4 DataViews

    In the last quick tip about MVC , we created an AJAX-enabled Partial View that used JQuery to get the data from an action method that returned JSON. After fetching the data, we used JQuery again to add rows to a pre-existing table as a way to render...
  • Test Guide

    Jeetendra Kukreja's Favorite Bug (1 of 2)

    The XAML editor would not show up if the user did not have admin access – Most dev’s and testers have full admin rights on theirs dev boxes so this would not have been caught unless the automation in the lab specifically ran on a user account with restricted...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    A little something that made me happy…

    Last week, I was doing some work on a utility I own. It talked to some servers in the background that could be slow at times and there was no way to know what was happening, so I needed to provide some way of telling the user that it was busy. I started...
  • Shen Chengwei's Blog

    How to Remotely Kill a Process?

    How to Remotely Kill a Process For remote client, use PSEXEC to get the command prompt. (Hostname.exe is used to identify if you’re really on remote). PSEXEC Download Link: ...
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