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  • Brad Abrams

    The SLAR (vol2) on System.Reflection.AmbiguousMatchException

    Continuing in the series sharing some of the information in the .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol 1 and .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol 2 with some information on AmbiguousMatchException. public sealed...
  • Third Of Five - just another voice in the Collective

    Office 2003 SP2 is out

    Access users: Make sure you install SP2 (here: ) since it also contains some important Access fixes. This KB article describes what's changed...
  • Managed CodeGen

    CLR Profiling API

    I think CLR Profiling API is one of the coolest things in CLR. Here is a nice article I just found on msdn about Whidbey Profiling APIs. Note that Everett Profiling API and Whidbey Profiling API are completely not compatible. You have to explicitly implement...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Debugger.Log and LogMessage

    Calls to Debugger.Log in a debuggee can generate a ICorDebugManagedCallback::LogMessage managed debug event. This is the managed equivalent of kernel32!OutputDebugString . Other managed functions (like Debug.Write ) may degenerate to calls to Debugger...
  • Nick on Silverlight and WPF

    Merged resource dictionaries

    One of my favorite new features in the September CTP is merged dictionaries -- you can use these to put resources in a separate file from the rest of your xaml. Nathan gives a great overview of this feature in
  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    Anti-Aliasing in Avalon WPF 3D Applications

    Avalon 3D has always suffered from aliasing problems. Consider the following 3D mesh , from the ZAM3D default library: The jagged edges of the geometries are harsh on the eyeballs. With the September CTP of Avalon, this is no more! While not all...
  • Microsoft Excel 2010

    The big picture ...

    Before I carry on digging into the details of the new and improved features in Excel 12, I wanted to make sure everyone had a good sense for the work we’ve done in this version. When we were planning Excel 12, we spent a significant amount of time talking...
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Influencer Community

    Reality Check: How Are We Doing? Tell Us Via Our Community Surveys

    Perfection is a relentless pursuit (no apologies offered to a certain car company currently using a variation of that phrase). In that pursuit, we really cannot afford to be insensitive to your -- our customers -- concerns, nor can we ever hear from you...
  • craigrow

    File shares in XP that aren't shared

    As I've discussed before, ASI won't work unless your clients can get to the file shares created by the ASI server setup. Here's an issue that is difficult to troubleshoot. If you're using Windows XP SP2 the UI will tell you that the images folder is being...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    Programming for the next guy

    I'm taking a class this week. The subject is writing WDM drivers. The class assumes you have some understanding of how operating systems work and teaches you everything you need to know to be prepared to write a WDM driver. It isn't a cookbook class....
  • Henry Hahn

    Windows Vista UX Guidlines

    I got a question about this while I was at the PDC. I see they're now posted on MSDN.
  • release_team's WebLog

    The RC: What works with what?

    Soma received a few questions on his blog from folks who received the Release Candidate at the PDC about what works with what. The PDC was tricky because we wanted to have a set of bits that teams from Microsoft could standardize on AND we wanted to hand...
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