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  • Building Solutions

    PDC 2005 - C# Futures with Anders Hejlsberg - Double Overflow

    Today is the second presentation of the Anders Hejlsberg discussion on C# 3.0. This is a presentation I wanted to attend twice just to take it all in. It's in a smaller room today, but is also being broadcast into two overflow rooms. The coordinators...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Embedded Linux Consortium is Dead

    Interesting news from "The Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) filed dissolution papers with the state of California yesterday, ending a five year run promoting embedded Linux and developing standards for it. The ELC's primary piece...
  • Rob's Rhapsody

    Bill says speech is for commercial companies ... not the free software types

    Here's another interview with Bill Gates. He's been busy lately. :-) In this one, Bill is discussing the benefits of commercial software and how that compares with free software. Bill is basically sayhing that the free software can't do some of the...
  • Brad Abrams

    Getting ready for the PDC Panel: Looking Ahead to the Future of the CLR

    By far the thing I like most about the PDC is hearing from customers… that means the Q&A part of any presentation is what I find most interesting. So it is no wonder that panels are my favorite format at the PDC… because they are nothing but Q&A...
  • Canadian User Experience

    New Launch Blogger Added - Jerome Carron

    Jerome's blog is now active at
  • Head in the Clouds

    MAF vs. COM

    OK, I know I said my next post would be an in depth treatment of IContract, but I remembered I wanted to fininsh something I started with my earlied post Addins in .NET . I noted there that .NET currently was still analogous to the LoadLibrary\GetProcAddress...
  • FrankFi's view of the world

    Security in depth is like cheese…

    Hi… While two of my team can attend the PDC (jalousie… ) I have to work here back in Germany . Tomorrow I will be doing a presentation on developer security during an event we are doing together with SAP here in Germany . Thinking about...
  • IEBlog

    The <?xml> prolog, strict mode, and XHTML in IE

    I realized as I read through the comments to my last blog post that I forgot to mention one important item that was in my presentation. We have fixed the DOCTYPE switch so it will skip an XML prolog, so that valid XHTML can be handled in strict compliance...
  • Antimail

    A new Hotmail interface

    The new Hotmail interface was presented at PDC - and here is already an ArsTechnica review . The UI seems clean and nice, and BTW it uses the Atlas framework under the cover. Speaking of e-mail, I just noticed that Yahoo also has its new Y! Mail interface...
  • Anthony Bloesch's Web Log

    Uppercase or lowercase T-SQL keywords

    I have been rethinking using uppercase letters for T-SQL keywords. Readability research shows that uppercase keywords are harder to read and experience shows they are harder to type. Is it just tradition that keeps T-SQL developers uppercasing keywords?...
  • Dino's Blog

    Fiber mode is gone...

    Well, now that our RTM and RC-esque builds are starting to make it out into the wild it seems like a good time to discuss a feature we had to make go away... That feature which most readers of my blog are probably now familiar with is fiber mode. So...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Attend the PDC05 Show Off Event Tonight!

    If you're in Los Angeles at the PDC, be sure to attend the Show Off event tonight in room 411 (the theater) from 9:00pm - 11:00pm. We have two hours of community-submitted content that we hope you're going to love. We also have a very limited set of cool...
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