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  • Eric Jarvi

    Patterns & Practices Security Videos

    "Click Here"
  • Daniel Pearson [MSFT]

    Testing ... one, one, zero, zero, zero, zero

    My name is Daniel Pearson and I'm a Lead in support for Windows. I spend most of my day with my head either in a debugger or reading through code. I'm a huge fan of using debuggers to troubleshoot and I enjoy using them to resolve complicated issues....
  • john devadoss' blog

    SaaS - and the browser red-herring

    There is an opinion - fairly wide-spread from what I can see and hear - that the SaaS delivery model implies that consumption is via a vanilla browser. This conflation of SaaS with the browser is incorrect. SaaS is a delivery model. You could...
  • .

    Innovation Clinic

    The software industry is experiencing a phase of dramatic growth and change through advances in communications, technologies and the globalisation of markets. What are the challenges and strategies to ensure that the UK remains ‘the place to be’ for investment...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    What is Microsoft SOA?

    Everyone has been asking about Microsoft SOA. So what is it? Officially, you can refer to . This is a new customer-facing mini solution center that has been launched. Don't be surprised if you find SOA parked under Microsoft BizTalk...
  • Asmita's blog

    Fundamentals of testing

    Whenever you would test anything here are the basics as per my understanding.( This is just simple Vanilla explaination in my words of whole theory of testing) 1. Test the product to see it works - Acceptance testing. 2. Test to see it works as...
  • Manders vs. Machine

    Shadows in 2D

    The discs of light used by my XNA 2D lighting code look decent, but shadows would really add to the realism. Shadows are a bit tricky because they are non-local: an object half-way across the screen can make the difference in whether a pixel should be...
  • Microsoft Korea Developer and Designer Tools

    BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) for Windows Workflow Foundation March CTP 출시

    BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)은 .Net Framework 3.0에 들어가 있는 Windows Workflow Foundation에 추가된 부분입니다. 이것은 소프트웨어 개발자가 Visual Studio 2005에 들어가 있는 WF Designer를 이용해서 WF activity를 BPEL로 내보내거나 가져올 수 있는 도구이고, 개발자는...
  • 川西 裕幸のブログ

    GDC 2007

    今週はSan Franciscoで開催されている Game Developers Conference (GDC)に参加しています。GDCでは最新のゲーム開発に関する技術やビジネスなどの情報が1週間にわたって議論されます。私はDirect3D 10.0を含む最新のリアルタイム グラフィックスや、プログラミングに関する情報を得ようと思って参加しています。新しい書籍やCGツールのチェックも重要です。 GDCのグラフィックス関連のセッションでは、 SIGGRAPH より実践的でリアルタイム系の課題が議論されます...
  • good news and no news: cezar guimarães

    Como eu faço com SQL Server Express?

    Continuando a série: Como eu faço isto?, o site ASP.NE T lançou uma nova série de vídeos para ensinar como utilizar o SQL Server 2005 Express Edition . Para quem não conhece, o SQL Server 2005 Express é uma versão gratuíta do SQL Server. Ele é o mesmo...
  • Aaron Marten

    Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista

    In case you're using the latest and greatest release of Windows , you should consider downloading the update that fixes some Vista-specific issues on Visual Studio 2005 SP1 which was released today. Note that if you had the beta version of this patch...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Beginner Developer Learning Center

    The Visual Studio Express people have just announced a new Beginner Developer Learning Center . The main part of the site is for beginners of all ages who are interested in learning how to program computers or design and build dynamic web sites. It looks...
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