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  • マイクロソフト アカデミック チームブログ

    【イマジンカップ 2011 振り返り】あの世界の舞台に日本人学生を立たせたい

    こんにちは。マイクロソフトでアカデミックを担当している楠原です。 長い挑戦が今年もまた一区切り付きました。 年間を通じて、ご支援・ご声援をいただきました皆様にこの場をお借りして深くお礼申し上げます。 私がイマジンカップに携わって 2 年半。世界大会参加 3 回。メイン担当としてかかわったのが 2010 と 2011 の 2 年間です。イマジンカップは学生だけでなく、社員も想いを強く持つ大会です。なぜなら、世界大会ではほぼ全世界の学生のエネルギーや考えを目の当たりにし...
  • MSDN Blog Schweiz

    Mango + Internet Explorer 9 = Web Apps!

    Windows Phone "Mango" hat einen wichtigen Meilenstein erreicht: Release to Manufacturing (RTM) . Das bedeutet nichts anderes, als dass das Microsoft-Produktteam die Arbeiten an dieser Version offiziell abgeschlossen hat und das OS nun den Geräteherstellern...
  • 중스의 마이크로소프트 이야기

    DevDays 2007 행사 안내

    내가 처음 참석한 DevDays는 아마도 2003년도 쯤으로 기억된다. 그때 다니고 있던 회사에서 하루 휴가를 받았는데, 그날 우연히 가보게 되었던 것 같다. 그때 들었던 세션들의 자세한 내용들은 기억이 나지는 않지만, 뚜렷한 건 내가 정말 모르는 것들이 참 많다는 것을 새삼 느끼게 되는 계기가 되었고, 개발자라는 직업에 대한 자극 이 되는 시간이었다. 11월 20일 서울을 시작으로 2007년도 DevDays가 시작이 된다. 매년 천명이상의 개발자들이...
  • Microsoft Oy Kehittäjä- ja Alustayksikön Tiimiblogi

    TechEd Developer, Barcelona

    Jukka, Pasi ja noin 60 muuta suomalaista ovat tällä viikolla Barcelonassa TechEd Developer 2007 tapahtumassa. Tapahtuman avauspuheenvuoro S. ´"Soma" Somasegarin pitämänä on juuri ohi. Soma lupasi Visual Studio 2008:n olevan ladattavissa MSDN:stä tämän...
  • Teekam Goyal's Blog

    SOA: What's all the “noise” about?

    Recently there have been lots of buzz around Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Along with this it has brought many other acronyms such as ESB, ESA etc. Let us understand what is SOA? SOA allows organizations to expand its existing business applications...
  • Geeky Storytelling

    Managed Services Engine hits CodePlex

    If you are interested in service virtualization and a framework for building out an SOA with WCF, check out the Managed Services Engine that is now available on CodePlex. If you have struggled with service versioning, abstraction, management, routing...
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Mass SCORM Conversion Tool

    Have you been looking for a way to convert older learning resources into SCORM format? Well Hunterstone may have the answer for you. HunterStone announced it has developed a "Mass SCORM Conversion Tool." The company developed the tool for use in projects...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Intermec DevCon in Berlin

    Last week I was invited to give two talks at Intermec 's European developers conference which took place at the InterConti hotel in Berlin. That meant spending a day in my old home town - always love that! (Although meanwhile I prefer living in Munich...
  • Yes, I am Globally Unique...

    Where have I been?

    Excellent question… I have been working out-of-state with a client, architecting a portal application using ASP.NET MVC 2. I have to say that this project was really fun, as the requirements drove us to use several new technologies: ASP.NET MVC 2 Managed...
  • Education

    Microsoft Office 365 in schools event in Melbourne

    On Thursday 11th October, Paradyne are running a free morning workshop on Office 365 for education , at our offices in Melbourne. (For some background, you can read more about Paradyne's implementation of Office 365 for education at Woodleigh School in...
  • Microsoft mener

    Nye features i SkyDrive

    Microsofts team bag SkyDrive har lyttet til brugerne og introducerer nu to nye features: Papirkurven og Excel-undersøgelser. SkyDrive får Papirkurv SkyDrive gemmer i forvejen tidligere versioner af dokumenter helt automatisk –...
  • Martha Rotter's Blog

    At TechEd Europe This Week

    I know, I know, my life is tough. This week I'm in Barcelona to attend the Microsoft TechEd Developers conference (so if I'm behind a bit on e-mail, now you know why...). We're one day in to the conference so far, and I've already seen some great sessions...
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