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  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Transparency in Product Development

    Soma (VP in charge of the developer division) writes about being more transparent . I, for one, think that we have a way to go in this area, but it's not my opinion that matters - it's your's. So go read the post and comment on where we've made progress...
  • Matt Powell


    John created ! I can see this being a great resource for WSE developers although it is still a little sparse at this early stage (although I've noticed that it is getting better). And if a FAQ is too one-way for you, check out the wiki...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    Full Update 不用说了,所有的都来一遍。 Incremental Update 增量更新,只更新新添加的东东。 Incremental Update (Inclusive) 也是增量更新,但包括被删掉的内容,而 Incremental Update 是只更新新增加的内容。 Adaptive Update 可以称为 “ 自适应更新 ” 。会根据变化的情况,自动减小或者增大 Index 的时间间隔。例如一个内容源很少变化,这种更新就会适当延长更新的周期。反之亦然。 其实还有另一种 Update...
  • Matt Powell

    Mark Takes over WSE

    Mark Fussell , former program manager for the System.Xml namespace, has moved over to be the program manager for WSE. He's looking for feedback on features of WSE 3.0 . -Matt
  • Vineet Rao's WebLog


    My name is Vineet Rao and I am a Program Manager in the SQL Server group working on database programming mainly CLR Integration. I work on CLR hosting, Visual Studio integration and T-SQL / CLR debugging. Many developers and database administrators have...
  • Tim Rains' WebLog

    Is Windows Automatic Update Client rebooting your system unexpectedly? Read this to “fix” it….

    Recently I exchanged e-mail with several people who were complaining that the Windows Update (AU) client on their Windows system was guilty of automatically rebooting their system. They were upset that their system was rebooted even though they had unsaved...
  • Roberdan

    !!! Office 2003 Tool: WordprocessingML Transform Inference Tool !!!

    This command line tool, the XSLT Inference tool, helps you easily create XSL Transformations (XSLT) that quickly transform XML files into WordprocessingML documents with complex and rich formatting. The process begins with a raw XML file that is representative...
  • Roberdan

    Live Communications Server 2005 Standard Edition Trial Version

    Live Communications Server 2005 Standard Edition provides many new features and enhancements to improve reliability, manageability, and the ability to share presence and instant messages with partners, customers, and suppliers. Share security-enhanced...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Master Chief PLAYS Halo 2

    Check this out, not only is Halo 2 available at your favorite game store [don't forget to purchase the XBOX to play it on!] - but there are a ton of Halo 2 parties going on, I took Kevin [my son] to a Halo 2 party organized by some of the Windows CE Development...
  • Alan Cameron Wills - Domain Specific Languages

    Costs of designing a DSL - UML the answer?

    RobR > Tools built on the type of meta-technology you talk about are not new. Agreed! Of course, I'm working at Microsoft rather than at a university, so utter novelty is not a claim. In fact, we hope to use the best ideas and experience that have...
  • Alan Cameron Wills - Domain Specific Languages

    The power of stereotypes

    RobR > I think for many language definition purposes, UML stereotypes are in fact much more useful than you think.I think for many language definition purposes, UML stereotypes are in fact much more useful than you think. My feeling is that it's not...
  • Antimail

    Unskilled and Unaware of It - the psychology of overconfidence

    A funny read at the beginning of the week:
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