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  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Sometimes I Feel...

    I have a sick sense of humor. Ed Fries told me that. It's out in left field and loaded with various inside jokes. Half the fun is seeing how many people get the joke. One of the ways I've done this is through the "Currently Playing in iTunes" feature...
  • Kevin W. Hammond

    CTI Workhop in Milwaukee, WI

    On Friday, October 28, 2005, Mark Skoog and I will be at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee's School of Business Center for Technology Innovation Workshop . Mark will be covering some of the software and more architeturally focused topics of service...
  • Kevin W. Hammond

    The ebb and flow of blogging

    Once again I'm back into working with the product set after a long haitus of planning for our new fiscal year. With this comes new thinking and sharing of work being done, so watch this space for yet another flurry of activity.
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Get the available paper bins from a printer

    Sometimes you might want to find out how many paper bins a printer has. (Thanks to Barbara P for original question, code.) lcPrinterName = GETPRINTER () nPrinters= APRINTERS (laAvailPrinters) FOR i = 1 TO nPrinters IF UPPER (laAvailPrinters...
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Influencer Community

    Para Los Que Hablen Español

    The so-called "Three Amigos" from Windows Development have recently created El Blog de América Latina , focusing on the Windows family of products, providing a forum to explain their experiences in developing them and also serving to collect customer...
  • Laurentiu Cristofor's blog

    SQL Server 2005: How to fix outdated names of Windows logins

    The SQL Server login catalogs store the names of Windows principals as well as their SIDs. Because the names are stored, changes that affect a name can lead to a state where a catalog entry is out of sync with the current login name. For example, in the...
  • Dave Treadwell's Blog

    DRT on DNR

    One of the things I did at the PDC was an interview with the .NET Rocks! Internet radio program . The show goes through many things, including Microsoft and Windows history, where things stand with .NET, and more. It is always interesting to hear audio...
  • Jason Zander's blog

    David Treadwell, VP of .NET Technologies, has a new blog

    David is the Corporate Vice President of .NET Technologies , including the CLR, Asp.Net/IIS, .NET Compact Framework, the SDK, and other centralized technologies like UE, loc, and release. He's also my boss :) Dave's new blog is here . Welcome...
  • Rob Caron

    Team Foundation Server Installation Guide Update - v50926

    Yesterday morning I posted an update to the Team Foundation Instllation Guide, but I wasn't able to access my blog to post a note to that effect. Anyway, it's there now. Short link: Full link:
  • Rob Caron

    VSS Converter for Team Foundation Server

    As noted in Buck’s blog (below), Akash Maheshwari has started blogging about Team Foundation Server’s Visual SourceSafe Converter. If you’re moving your code from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Server, you’ll want to monitor Akash’s blog to help...
  • Eric Jarvi

    VSTS Tip: Prepping to Create Team Projects

    This post, like all posts but more so, is my opinion, totally disclaimered, and likely out of date if you are reading this after TFS has shipped. The issue that every newbie hits is that giving a user TFS permissions by right clicking on the TFS server...
  • R.Ramesh's WebLog

    MSDN Class Designer Webcast

    John Stallo and I will be hosting a webcast on MSDN this Friday from 11 PM to 12 noon PST. We will cover some of the features not covered in the previous presentations, channel 9 videos like resiliency of class diagrams in team scenarios, using class...
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