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  • Anandi’s Thoughts

    Company Meeting

    I attended the Microsoft Company Meeting at Safeco Field on Friday. Despite being pretty cynical about these rah-rah sorts of events, I am impressed that Microsoft thinks it's important enough to spend $$ to get us all together for one day and celebrate...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    How To: Specify strong name signing for your assemblies on the command line

    This question came across the internal MSBuild discussion alias today: My development team uses project files on their desktop for development, but we build the final assemblies in our build lab. How can we strong-name sign the files in our build lab...
  • I'm not a Klingon ( )

    Avoid treating binary data as a String.

    A common code snippet that I see is something that uses binary data as a String, something like: String myHash = "abcd\xD800"; String encrypted = Encoding.Default.GetString(byte[] encryptedData); encryptor.bytes[] = Encoding.Default.GetBytes("my key...
  • Windows CE Base Team Blog

    Flush with care

    Posted by: Sue Loh I would like to add some comments to extend what was said on a recent post on the Windows Mobile blog . It says that developers can use RegFlushKey to make sure their registry data persists, but that legacy applications will be okay...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    How To: Ensure changes to a custom target file prompt a rebuild

    One of the advantages to using MSBuild is the smarts it has to do reliable incremental builds. One pitfall you might hit when writing your own custom .targets file is that changes to your targets file don't cause a rebuild. In general, if you're changing...
  • C.C. at Microsoft

    Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 3 available for download at MSDN

    Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 3 is now available for download at MSDN subscription site. I will be spending the next little while testing Beta 3 and share the updates.
  • jamespr's WebLog

    Welcoming Palm to Windows Mobile

    If you missed the webcast this morning, Bill Gates (Microsoft), Ed Colligan (Palm) and Denny Strigl (Verizon Wireless) announced a partnership to bring a Palm device running Windows Mobile software to the Verizon network. You can watch the webcast...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    How To: Reference the project file as a target input

    I was messing around today with my latest custom task (more on that later, as soon as I can find somewhere to post it), and needed to find a way to tell the target that it depended on the actual project file. I wanted to force the target, and by extension...
  • Jeff Papiez - SQL Server Test Developer

    Passing a DataSet to a SQLCLR Stored Procedure

    Is it possible to pass a DataSet to SQL and process the data in a SQLCLR stored procedure? This is the question I set out to answer.   The .NET Framework 2.0 adds some features to the DataSet that make this scenario possible (WriteXml, ReadXml). I...
  • UACBlog

    Welcome to the User Account Control Weblog

    Hi, and welcome to our team User Account Control (UAC) blog. We will use this space to keep you updated on our development, inform you about how our feature works, and to answer your questions (hopefully!). UAC is the name for a core security feature...
  • Buck Hodges

    The 10,000th Changeset

    Back on July 13, I wrote about the dates of changeset "milestones" in our dogfood system . Today we hit changeset 10,000. The time between 9000 and 10000 was longer than usual because of check-in restrictions in place leading up to beta 3 (bug fixes had...
  • Brad Abrams

    Thanks Miguel...

    Sorry for the belated thanks.. I am OOF for a few weeks. But thanks Miguel for the book plug for the FDG … I am certainly glad you found it valuable. Oh, and it was good to have lunch with you and your team Friday at the PDC.
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