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  • Зеркало: Воскресные байты изнутри Microsoft

    Offshore outsourcing: судя по результатам исследования, Россия уже опоздала

    Вышло очень интересное и детальное исследование среди компаний-потребителей услуг offshore outsourcing (в свободном доступе есть 20-страничное summary). Содержит анализ текущей ситуации и трендов на будущее. Самой главной точкой роста называется, предсказуемо...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    Sound Bites

    It’s time for a rant, time to dredge up those same old topics, same tired old arguments. Why did they? What where they thinking? Who designed that? You think I’m talking about software? That would be too easy. No, I’m back to my favorite pass-time, skewering...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Dangerous hacker

    A tale of a dangerous hacker, attacking in real time over IRC. Note the IP address that the victim gives to the hacker.
  • Jeff Abraham's WebLog

    eVC upgrade wizard for VS 2005 Beta2 is available

    NOTE: this add-in/patch is only required for Beta2. If you have a CTP, or the RC build beyond Beta2, you don't need to install this as the functionality has been integrated into the product. This will break any build other than Beta2 that you install...
  • Adam Nathan's Old Blog

    Internet Hearts: 112,000 Lines of Code

    On Monday I asked for guesses on the size of the Internet Hearts source base , and the highest (public) one was 45,000 lines of code. The answer: approximately 112,000 lines of code! 51,000 are client-specific, 35,000 are server-specific, and 26,000 are...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Running out of space ? What's on your disk?

    Often a hard disk gets close to full and undesirable things happen, especially on the volume that contains Windows. For example, suppose Windows Update is chugging along and runs out of space. How does it gracefully handle that? How can you determine...
  • Eric Hu's Weblog


    最近 Model-Driven Development (MDD) 成為熱門話題 . 在 VSTS 裏的 Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects 就提供了 Microsoft 對 MDD 的 solution 和工具 . 而這些工具背後的概念皆包含於 Microsoft 一個新的 initiative: Software Factories . 在 Software Factories 的概念裏 , 各種 models 不只是用於分析...
  • Smart Client Data

    Thank you! Steve!

    Thanks Steve to create a new home for us. By the way, I am Zhiyong (aka John Chen), I am the developer for the DataSet designer in Whidbey. I like to blog something but I'm afread that I will ruin Steve's pretty home. So I created my own real junky...
  • Visual Studio For Devices

    eVC Upgrade Wizard for VS 2005 Beta 2 now available!

    The eVC Upgrade Wizard (which will upgrade eVC3 and eVC4 projects to VS 2005) is now available as an addon for VS 2005 Beta 2. The Upgrade Wizard will be integrated into the final release of VS 2005. The addon can be downloaded at
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    What's in an audio volume?

    I've been talking about audio controls - volumes and mutes and the like, but one of the more confusing things I've run into here at work is the concept of "volume". First off, what IS volume? Well, roughly speaking (and I know the audiophiles out...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    BizTalk Assembly Checker

    Marty Waz announced a new tool that will save time and effort when deploying those assemblies that somehow got missed or dropped when replicating between machines. This tool, the BizTalk Assembly Checker, will compare the assemblies that are registered...
  • venkatna's (Venkat Narayanan's) WebLog

    Software I have on my computer

    I got a shiny new tablet (Toshiba M4) and spent some time installing all the software that I usually use. I figured I should blog about all of the software I have installed. I am usually a sucker for beta and alpha software so you will find some beta...
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