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  • jamescon's WebLog

    Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation #1 book in Computers category on!

    The " Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation " book is currently the #1 in the Computers category on I'm sure it won't last long, but I'm enjoying the moment. [;)] THANK YOU for your interest in this technology and the book!!! ...
  • WebLog de Stéphane PAPP [MSFT]

    ITMU en français

    Microsoft Inventory Tools for Microsoft Update (ITMU) est désormais disponible en français depuis la page suivante :
  • jamescon's WebLog

    PDC 2005...Done! - Please give us feedback on the labs

    Well, the PDC 2005 is finally over. I flew back to Seattle from L.A. on Saturday. There are a few post-mortum activities related to the Hands On Labs and the launch of Windows Workflow Foundation, but for the most part the PDC 2005 is complete. If...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Implementing Row and Cell Level Security in Classified Databases Using SQL Server 2005

    Art Rask, Don Rubin, and Bill Neumann have put together a great article explaining how to implement this functionality on SQL Server 2005. If you have a need for this type of database security, let us know. -Marc
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Mid-Atlantic Security Code Camp

    G. Andrew Duthie, one of our DPE counterparts in the Mid-Atlantic area, is running a security code camp on October 29th in Reston, Virginia. You can find more information on his blog . You can register here . -Marc
  • Rick LaPlante's WebLog

    Rickla VS2005 worldwide launch events schedule

    I know we're getting close to launch when I start getting assignments for keynote talks at worldwide launch events. I will be in Lisbon, Portugal on November 7th, and Oslo, Norway on the 10th. I'm hoping to make a trip over to Milan to see a few customers...
  • edhild's WebLog

    Detecting Offline State

    So for my VSTO project, I need to be able to detect if I am in an online state. This detection will be pivotal in deciding if I should or can retrieve new data from my data providers (these include SharePoint and some other applications). I wanted to...
  • Stan Kitsis

    XML Editor in VS2005: Schema Cache and Schema Catalogs

    Below are a few tips and tricks on using schema cache and schema catalogs with the new XML Editor in VS 2005. Schema Cache The XML Editor comes with a set of schemas that describe some of the W3C standard and some of the VS specific XML namespaces...
  • Zandoná Mobile®

    Roadmap Web "Mobile" com ASP.NET

    Bastante interessante este artigo sobre o roadmap de desenvolvimento web para acesso por dispositivos móveis. Como vocês sabem, no ASP.NET 1.x possuimos os Mobile Web Controls - controles que geram automaticamente o markup de acordo com o device que acessa...
  • HeeJae's Blog

    뭔가는 써야 할꺼 같은데...

    뭔가는 써야 할꺼 같은데, 사실 뭘 써야 할지 모르겠네. 이 글 밑에 코멘트 남겨 놓으면 내가 보고 알면 쓰고 모르면 여기 저기 물어봐서 글을 올릴까 하는데, 혹시 궁금하신게 있는 분은 여기에 코멘트 남겨 놓으시기 바람. 아무 말도 없으면, 그냥 곧 발표 하는 Visual Studio .NET 2005에 들어가는 c# 2.0 에 새로 추가된 사항을 쓸가 하는데 ... 이미 c# 3.0 spec 이 나오고, 이미 작동하는 시험 버젼...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Security Guidance for .NET Framework 2.0

    The patterns and practices folks have been getting rave reviews for the Security Guidance for the .NET Framework 2.0 content they've assembled. There are 25 "how-to's" currently available with a bunch more coming soon. The available ones are: ...
  • Typed XML in SQL Server 2005

    DML operations on multiple nodes

    If you've been playing with SQL Server 2005's implementation of XQuery for a while you probably know that "delete" is the only operation that allows for multiple target nodes. For example, let's imagine that we have the following table CREATE TABLE...
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