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  • WindowsZone

    Neuigkeiten rund um Windows bei Twitter

    Meine Kollegen von der Windows Marketing Abteilung in Deutschland haben bereits vor einigen Monaten einen eigenen Twitteraccount ins Leben gerufen. Wer diesen Dienst nutzt und per Kurznachrichten immer auf dem neuesten Stand gehalten werden möchte, dem...
  • Strategy and Architecture Council

    Writing a simple Internet Explorer Accelerator

    With the release of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), there is some new functionality that enables a developer to extend the browser pretty easily.  One of my particular favorites is the ability to create accelerators.  Accelerators allow a user to...
  • Steve Clayton

    Windows 7 Calculates Your Mortgage

    Okay, maybe I’m just catching up here but this week I heard the the Windows 7 calculator includes a few more features than scientific and programmer modes. It has a series of conversion tools too. Want to convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius...
  • Microsoft Ireland Blog


    I couldn’t help but laugh at the Manchester GUATHON event registration page for Scott Guthrie .  Scott is dropping by Manchester after his visit to Dublin, and they did a great job compiling a list of “things you might not know about Scott Guthrie...
  • .NET 技術 & Web 技術 WebLog(鈴木祐巳,Masami Suzuki)

    Image ResizerがWindows 7でも利用可能に!

    少し古い話です。 Windows XPのPower Toyとして提供されていたImage Resizer が Code Plex上で以前公開されています�� デジカメも高性能化し、そのまま、Webにアップロードするサイズではないという状況で、手軽に画像縮小するのに便利なツールとしてWindows XP自体にはかなりお世話になっていました。 画像入りブログ投稿の際などでは、結構使えるツールなので個人的にオススメです。
  • Glen's old blog

    Announcing – Southeast User Group Leadership Summit (SEUGLS) 2009

    The date is finally announced for the 2009 Southeast User Group Leadership Summit. – October 24, at the Microsoft office in Alpharetta. If you are the leader of a technology group in the Southeast, please make plans to attend this great day of collaboration...
  • The blog of Rob Margel - Windows Help

    How to Set A Bing Wallpaper Desktop Slideshow In Windows 7

    Updated 1/Nov/2009: Ok so much easier now as you can download the official Bing theme pack on the personalisation gallery So if you love those wonderful Bing homepage images there is an easy way to make them your background wallpaper in 4 simple...
  • Wiz/dumb

    MimeContent vs Mime Content

    Recently, I helped a customer with an issue where they were wondering if it was essential to set the ToRecipients , CcRecipients , and BccRecipients if they were setting the same values in the MimeContent property when doing a CreateItem call in Exchange...
  • Mikael Deurell

    C# för iPhone och MVC på iPhonesiska

    Jag tänkte använda denna post till att beskriva hur man kan använda .NET framework för att skapa applikationer till iPhone. Samtidigt som jag gör det tänkte jag även passa på att visa hur MVC används vid utveckling mot iPhone OS. Som arkitekt tycker jag...
  • Out Of The Box

    Zune, continues to raise the bar

    Lots of happenings and announcements this week in the Zune world. New Zune HD The new device multi-touch navigation (touchscreen), HD radio, HD video out, wi-fi, web browser, and two storage sizes to choose from.   New Zune 4.0 software The new software...
  • Erick Sosa's Blog

    Resultados desde Bing y Google

    Desde que Microsoft hizo el lanzamiento oficial de Bing, el 3 de Junio del presente año, mucho se ha dicho de este search engine y más allá de esto, se ha comparado con el líder de mercado en este segmento, el muy bien afamado Google.  Personalmente...
  • Lenny Ankireddi's blog

    An unhandled exception occurred in the user interface. Exception Information: OSearch (Administrator)

    If you see this error when you are trying to start the Office SharePoint Server Search service through the Central Administration application > Services on Server option, this is most likely because the credentials for the Farm Search Service Account...
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