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  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    The 20 Most Innovative Products of the Year

    Guess who's at #1? Microsoft Office 2007! Check out the link below for more information as well as checking out other cool products.,128176-page,1/article.html Speaking of innovation (but not yet a product), also...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    Upcoming Technical Events

    I replied to a Customer today who asked about the major Microsoft technical events (TechEd, specifically) in 2007, and thought the information may be useful for others as well. Microsoft Mix07 event April 30 – May 2, The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Brief...
  • Alex D'Angelo's Blog at Microsoft

    Multiple Desktop Resources

    I've been exploring using multiple desktops in Windows and found some great resources online: Chris Jackson discusses multiple desktops (as well as how it relates to the login screen and UAC prompts) at
  • Out Of The Box

    Another Great .NETCF Book Hit The Market

    I've written on .NETCF in a past lifetime. .NETCF is a cool little technology (no pun intended). But, it had been a good while since I have read a .NETCF text of any size. But, I had one sitting on my desk, so over the holidays (with a upcoming demo that...
  • Angel Saenz-Badillos

    JDBC v1.1 CTP Using Type 2 Integrated Security

    To use the Type 2 Integrated Security feature with the v1.1 CTP (if you don't have this already make sure to get it! see my previous blog) you only need to make sure that the Windows authentication DLL is visible to the application that is going to use...
  • Technical Weblog of Eric Charran

    SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack and Downloads

    The feature pack is a set of separate downloads that allow you to install components of SQL Server without installing the whole server product. Available at the following URL:
  • Johnz Blog - The MscrmGuy

    Montreal decks

    Hi all: The presentations from our recent event in Montreal can be downloaded here: John's CRM presentation Janine's Presentation Tamer's Presentation
  • MSDN Ireland News

    Rafal Lukawiecki comes to Belfast to do an IT Security Event

    My colleague Colm just drew my attention to a really excellent event happening up in Belfast on May 18th. Rafal Lukawiecki will be coming to the Europa Hotel in Belfast to present an IT Security event : Identity and Access Management for a Heterogeneous...
  • Satisfy Me

    Of interest: E3 comes to you via

    Of interest... Not going to E3? Now you can visit the show somewhat vitually courtesy of brings you coverage from the floor of the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3). Here's a few of the articles available now on the Xbox...
  • Anand Balachandran Blogs about Device Development

    At MEDC in Nice, France!

    I will be presenting a talk on the Device Emulator at MEDC2006 Europe in Nice, France( ) - we'll have a quick recap of the features that shipped in Device Emulator V1 with VS2005 and also look at the recently-released...
  • Nick on Silverlight and WPF

    Beta 2 and StaticResource

    As Tim mentions , in beta two we don't support any form of forward references using StaticResource. We've been tightening this down for a couple CTP's now, but the last case we fixed in beta two took awhile because it's wrapped up in a larger issue. ...
  • The ShiSh List

    Retail CIOs: It's not just about the technology

    "There is a danger for a CIO to be seen as being too much associated with just technology," Jewett (Joshua Jewett, CIO at Family Dollar, a Matthews, N.C.-based retail chain) said. "Technology rarely delivers a return on investment [ROI] on its own. The...
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