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  • SQL Business Intelligence

    Power View Infrastructure Configuration and Installation: Step-by-Step and Scripts

    Power View implementation paper is out and covers major scenarios of implementing Power View with PowerPivot and Tabular Server including Kerberos. Power View Infrastructure Configuration and Installation: Step-by-Step and Scripts
  • Nemolin

    微软Big Data解决方案介绍(二)

    Hadoop是由Apache基金会开发,这个一个开源的组织。Hadoop的想法非常简单直接,就是借用分布式程序,充分利用集群的能力来进行计算和存储。Hadoop听上去比较抽象,而且一些介绍的文档列举了许多比较奇怪的名字,让人感觉Hadoop好像很复杂。事实上Hadoop是简单和直接的。Hadoop地核心就是3个组件,甚至可以说就是2个组件。一个是分布式文件系统(Hadoop Distributed File System),简称HDFS。另一个是MapReduce的应用(还有一个是HBase分布式NoSQL列数据库...
  • Thoughts from Microsoft Ireland

    Enable Ireland-Microsoft partnership recognised as CSR best practice

    This week marks the second annual Corporate Responsibility Week in Ireland, an initiative driven by Business in the Community Ireland (BITC). As part of the Corporate Responsibility week, BITC have published the fifth "Inspiring Excellence"...
  • Tehniline evangelism

    Tasuta koolitus õppejõududele – Windows Server 2008

    Infoks kõikidele kõrgkooli õppejõududele – tulemas on kolmepäevane Windows Server 2008 koolitus, kus tutvustatakse uue põlvkonna serveri opsüsteemi. Oodatud on serveritega seotud ainete õppejõud, kes soovivad omandatavaid teadmisi edaspidises õppetöös...
  • East Region Microsoft CRM Blog

    V-what? VPAT!! - Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® (VPAT™)

    Most of the IT world has at least heard of Section 508, an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, but many are a bit sketchy on what's involved in actual 508 compliance. Here's an excerpt from the website explaining the purpose...
  • Ideas de un Conejo

    3 de Diciembre 2012–> Lanzamiento Virtual de Office 2013, Windows 8 y W Server 2012 EN ESPAÑOL

    Hola, quiero extenderles la invitación al lanzamiento virtual de estas tres tecnologías en :   Latinoamérica y las últimas tendencias tecnológicas. 3 DE DICIEMBRE #TechTrendEvent   Visión Microsoft siempre ha desarrollado tecnología de primer...
  • Soma中文博客

    Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 现在可用了!

    [原文发表地址]  Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 Now Available! [原文发表时间]   2012-11-27 0:15 "首个更新"让我感到很兴奋。此兴奋并不是因为与其他人竞争,而是与我们自己和我们的过去竞争,是因为我们不断地致力于提供更好的东西和方式,是因为我们为使用我们的工具的开发人员和团队提供的价值。在我们的9 月份的 Visual Studio 2012 和.NET 4.5 启动事件 中,我谈到我们坚定地致力于持续的价值的交付...
  • Education

    Free DevCamps for aspiring developers of Office apps

    If you are a software developer for education, then you'll already know about the app marketplaces for different devices – like the Windows Store for Windows 8 apps, the iTunes store for iPad/iPod apps and Google Play for Android apps. It's become another...
  • Ragnar Heil: Office 365 Nuggets

    SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of week 33

    I was on summer vacation so I am going to skip weeks 31 and 32. Here are my nuggets of this week: UserVoice driving improvements to SharePoint API Blogpost from SharePoint Team August Updates for Windows 8.1 incl. SSO improvements for SharePoint...
  • Microsoft Partner Network Blog | Microsoft Australia

    SMALL BUSINESS - December Readiness Update

    Reminder: Small Business exam Have you taken Exam 74-324 Administering Office 365 for Small Businesses yet? This was created especially with small business-focused partners in mind. You can get ready for this exam now through the associated Jump Start...
  • 慢步在雲端... 邱英瑞(Jacky)


    相信大家都曾經有這樣的經驗:想要將自己費盡心思做好的簡報利用 e-mail 提交給主管的時候,卻發現簡報檔案過大,造成信件無法寄出或是被退回的窘境,我知道大家通常都會喜歡在簡報中插入多張圖片來豐富簡報,可是這往往是造成簡報檔案過大的主因。 我們可以利用「圖片工具」中的「壓縮圖片」,將「只套用到此圖片」取消勾選,並且將目標輸出選擇「電子郵件:最小化文件以進行共用」,這時再按存檔,你會發現自己的簡報檔案大小被壓縮許多囉!這個功能完全不會影響到簡報中圖片的品質~是不是非常簡單又實用的功能啊?  ...
  • Hanuk's Microsoft IoT Strategy Blog

    Clearing Stored Credentials in Windows 8.1 using PasswordVault

    If you ever have to test Windows Store applications with multiple OAuth providers interactively, you will run into a little bit of annoyance caused by the credential storage within the vault. Apparently the application has no control on this as even if...
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