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  • Reaching Out to Microsoft Partners in Australia

    TechEd Updates

    Lots of news coming out of US TechEd - some highlights via Microsoft-Watch on Office Live Meeting, Forefront Stirling and .NET Micro.
  • Shared Points for SharePoint

    Autonomy to deliver search technology for SharePoint

    Microsoft is partnering with Autonomy to deliver advanced search technology for large SharePoint and mixed environments. This will enable users to search more than 300 types of content, including relational data, unstructured data, video, voice, xml....
  • load of tosh

    HtmlEncode(string, TextWriter)

    A friend pointed out the overload of HttpUtility.HtmlEncode today that I hadn't played with yet. No doubt every ASP developer has played with the version that takes in a string and returns the Html encoded string. This one will take a string and output...
  • 青い空の向こうへ

    Windows Azure Conference 2013 開催 : Windows Azure 活用事例

    クラウドサービスに関する情報を収集、利用を検討されているエンドユーザー企業の方、また、エンドユーザー様へクラウド活用をご提案される パートナー企業の方向けに、Windows Azure の特長や Windows Azure の活用方法についてお伝えする、Windows Azure Conference 2013 が本日 (9/27) 開催されています。こちらはオンデマンドでもストリーミング配信されています。 Microsoft Windows Azure Conference 2013 Webサイト...
  • Lighthouse

    VDI Solution on the Azure

    This article will describe how to deploy VDI solution on Windows Azure. For deployment VDI solution on Windows Azure, we at least need one Session Host, one Connection Broker, one Web Access, one Gateway and one Domain Controller role. So I create two...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Upcoming Microsoft Business Solutions Webcasts: August 2004

    Upcoming Microsoft Business Solutions Webcasts: August 2004 Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) Webcasts focus on providing live demos and relevant information about business management software and services that help professionals and executives in...
  • 微软云计算: Windows Azure 中文博客


    最新消息!上个月,我们邀您参加了 2013 年 North Bridge 和 GigaOM Research 云计算未来调查。感谢大家抽出时间分享宝贵意见,调查结果现已出炉! 今年的亮点显示云采用率正在激增,因为企业看到了云的强大威力 - 从实现出众的 TCO,到实现灵活性、快速扩展业务和推动创新。其中有几点非常有趣: 云计算的采用率在 2013 年继续攀升,将近 75% 的企业都在使用云平台(去年这一数字是 67%)。 SaaS 最受欢迎,有 63% 的企业使用(去年为...
  • WER Services

    Linking responses to failures

    This blog post will provide clarification on linking responses to failures.  A previously posted blog article provides a good introduction to responses and is a recommended read. You can link a response to either a file or a failure. Associating...
  • Evangelism for Microsoft ISVs, BizSpark Startups & Network Partners

    Multiple Sclerosis (or MS): Bike to the Bay 2013, Delaware

    Team Microsoft Delaware is getting ready for Bike To The Bay 2013 ride on Saturday 21 Sept 2013 to support The Delaware Chapter of the National MS Society , who is committed to research for a cure tomorrow, but also to provide programs which address the...
  • Marc: My Words

    WPF and Physics

    Chris Cavanagh has posted some great code on using a physics engine with WPF. It's an interesting and elegant example demonstrating a few things: A series of objects making use the wrapped physics engine Chris has chosen. The use of data templates...
  • Microsoft Ireland Blog


    I went to the VSTO: Roadmap to the Future talk by Mike Hernandez last night organised by the MTUG in Dublin. VSTO will be in the box with Orcas (as opposed to being a separate download as has previously been the case), so in Orcas if e.g. you go to File...
  • Technical Weblog of Eric Charran

    Skinning SharePoint 2007 Blogs

    Finally! SharePoint is playing catch up to Community Server with the ability to skin blogs using custom designed skins based on a guide found here: The extension for SharePoint that...
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