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  • Write Ahead Blog

    Exporting and importing service listings into a database

    You implemented a Service Broker service and now want others to be able to talk to it. But they will have to first create your message types and contracts to be able to begin a dialog and send messages to your target service. If their service does not...
  • Chris Pratley's Office Labs and OneNote Blog

    OneNote 12 begins...

    Today we've been talking about Office12 at the PDC (Professional Developer's Conference) in L.A. There are blogs going up about Office12 from some of the people on the team (see for example Jensen Harris ). BillG's keynote is also up - the first 30-40min...
  • AprilR's Blog

    Day 1 of PDC05!

    Well today was the first day of PDC , and it is off to a great start. I have to say my favorite part is meeting the broad spectrum of customers, partners and even other Microsoft employees that I don't normally interact with. This year my primary job...
  • David Wang

    HOWTO: Use IIsWebFile to Securely Run CGI in /cgi-bin from the root directory

    One of the least leveraged features of IIS is the IIsWebFile, which can work absolute wonders within the proper configuration, as I will shortly show... Question: Hi I have a CGI script (in perl) in a cgi-bin directory. I want to be able to run...
  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    C# 3.0

    Even before C#2.0 is out (RTM) we already have some sneek preview of the C#3.0 features. Check out Cyrus's blog on this. Some time back I had said to some folks here that with some powerful functional programming fans :) in MS we are surely going to see...
  • In the Trenches

    How do I do that with my file types?

    In his PDC keynote demo, Chris Capossela showed off some of Windows Vista's exciting new features for managing the ever-growing sets of data that people will have with PC's moving forward. He showed visualization features like thumbnails, search features...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    PDC05 Has Begun

    PDC '05 is underway, and Day 1 had a bunch of news, announcements and excitement. Here's some of the stuff I missed. PDC05 Has Begun Day One Watch the Bill Gates Keynote The PDC kicks off as the sell out crowd assembles for the Bill Gates...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Russian dolls and venetian blinds

    sitting with Don Smith and Peter Provost, Peter discussed schema tools support and the "russian doll" model. This refers to having nested complex types in the generated schema (anonymous types) versus the "venetian blind" model, where you specify global...
  • André Henriksson

    PDC05: Expofesten och Svenskfesten

    Efter alla sessioner så blev det litet mingelparty bland utställarna med mat och dryck där alla deltagare var inbjudna. Alltid lika kul att gå runt och se alla små "gadgets" som delas ut för att locka kräsna utvecklare till just "deras" bås för att lyssna...
  • .NET 技術 & Web 技術 WebLog(鈴木祐巳,Masami Suzuki)


    米国PDCに参加しています。 今回のPDCの大きなトピックは、Windows VistaおよびOffice 12です。Windows Vista(コードネームLonghorn)を対象としたPDCとしては、2003年PDCにつづいて2回目になります。よって、WinFX、次世代のUIをつかさどるWindows Presentation Foundation(WFP、コードネームAvalon)、ネットワークコネィティビティの為のインターフェースWindows Communication Foundation...
  • Brad Abrams

    To blue shirt or not...

    I am conflicted about my wardrobe for the week here at the PDC and I thought I would ask for your help ;-). The question is whether I should wear the blue shirt or not. On the one hand the “official” policy is for Microsoft speakers and staff to...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Wanted : Developer for Brisbane based company

    Leon (AKA Secret Geek ) has posted a job ad for a developer role at his company Advantech . It includes some intangible criteria - "You are a developer, not a programmer". I love it. This topic was hotly debated on the aus-dotnet mailing list...
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