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  • Anthony Bloesch's Web Log

    When to use SQL Server 2005's XML data columns

    SQL Server 2005’s support for XML has improved substantially. The new internal representation of XML and XML indexes supports much faster queries and updates. SQL Server 2005 supports querying and updating XML with XQuery, a powerful second-generation DML language for XML. Finally, SQL Server provides good support for converting between and relating relational and XML based data. Now that XML data has such good support in, the choice of when to use an XML column and when to use standard relation...
  • Esperpento

    PDC05: The ontology of WS-AtomicTransactions

    PDC05 A common theme that has come up repeatedly here at the PDC: there is some confusion around for WS-AtomicTransactions (WS-AT) and how it composes with the general web services architecture. The strawman syllogism goes something like this: ...
  • Rob's Speech Stuff

    WinFX speech API changes in PDC CTP

    Joseph Kilada wrote "Robert, can you give any hints as to whether the WinFX Speech APIs have changed at all in build 5219 (or whatever the PDC build is) compared to Beta 1?" Sometime soon I'll post updates to all the samples I've put in this blog,...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Virtual PC / Virtual Server and Antivirus programs on the host computer

    Occasionally we hear reports of customer seeing bad interactions between Virtual PC / Virtual Server and antivirus programs on their host operating system. This seems to happen because Virtual PC / Virtual Server are making large amounts of changes to...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Marcus Perryman - Coding a Windows Mobile RSS Reader

    Marcus Perryman is delivering a session covering building a Windows Mobile RSS reader using Windows Mobile 5.0, Visual Studio 2005, and C# - You can get the slides and sample code from Marcus's blog and look out for the interview with Marcus being posted...
  • Tom Hollander's blog

    DAAB in Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0

    Here we go again – another Data Access Application Block (DAAB). Those of you who have been following our team and using our stuff for a while probably know that DAAB was the first code-based deliverable that we produced, and was also the first ever ...
  • Managed CodeGen

    Something about ReflectionOnly Context

    I was reading Joel's blog about new stuff in Reflection and he mentioned ReflectionOnly context. Apart from the Generics, token handle resolutions, LCG, ReflectionOnly context (actually a loader feature) had a big impact in Reflection area in Whidbey...
  • Attila Hajdrik's Blog

    Wednesday Keynote Part 2. - Steven Sinofsky

    Steven is the Vice President of Office team. They announced the availability of Office "12" Beta1. The first 100 people who signs up gets a set of Microsoft Office Steak Knives :-) Office System moves to server (no don't get frustrated :-), there are...
  • Attila Hajdrik's Blog

    Wednesday Keynote Part 1. - Eric Rudder

    There were a lot of announcements (as I write before we was courious about these): - Windows Workflow Foundation It is filling a huge gap in nowaday's software development. It is as it's name says, another new foundation, which means that it's a base...
  • Paul Andrew

    Activity Validation article posted

    I just met Morgan Skinner here in the Communications Track Lounge at PDC. He's just posted an article on Activity Validation . He's also posted about this article at the new Windows Workflow Foundation community site .
  • IEBlog

    IE7 and OpenSearch: Behind the scenes

    As Aaron mentioned, the IE team collaborated with A9/Amazon on OpenSearch 1.1. This blog post is a story about how the collaboration took place. IE7 Beta1 shipped with a set of 5 search providers and there wasn’t a way (short of hacking the registry...
  • Richard Seroter - SoCal BizTalk Musings

    PDC05 - Day 2 Windows Workflow Musings

    So finally, we can talk about Windows Workflow Foundation, one of the worst kept PDC05 secrets of the last day or so! First of all, some links to the key information, the beta download, and the now-available book ... Windows Workflow Foundation...
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