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  • Yasser Shohoud

    Bizarre afternoon in L.A.

    This morning, I flew out to LA for PDC. The plane landed around 12:15PM, nice and early. The ride to the hotel was mostly uneventful until we got to downtown and I noticed all the traffic lights were flashing red and drivers were confused at every major...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    How to install Media Center from CDs

    I have seen questions from fellow Microsoft employees regarding how to install Windows XP Media Center edition on a brand new computer using the OS installation CDs. This question has very rarely been asked by customers outside of Microsoft because Media...
  • Man vs Code

    DataWorks team at PDC

    Over on the DataWorks blog , Sushil has posted the PDC schedule for the team members. If anyone wants to talk ADO.NET at PDC and these times don’t work – let me know and we can set something up. Tonight I will be at El Cholo drinking margaritas...
  • William J. Steele's WebLog

    Ahh, PDC at last.

    Well... Today was my first day at the PDC out here in LA... and wouldn't you know it, we lost power out here too! Go figure. Today is actually a preconference day... the actual sessions start Tomorrow. Anyway, I've already seen a bunch of folks I know...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    PDC: Sneak Peek - Windows O/S UI

    Check this out, images snapped at PDC 2005 - a sneak preview of the new Windows Boot UI and Booted O/S UI Pretty cool, eh? - Mike
  • Jeff Abraham's WebLog

    Insight into Visual C++ for Devices: Design philosophies

    Now with 30% more intangibles! Like every other product out there, we need to balance ease of use and power. Sometimes there were easy decisions that resulted in both ease of use and power. On the tough ones, sometimes we succeeded, and sometimes we....
  • .NET Banana

    PDC Pre-Conference

    It's Monday night, and I've been in LA since Saturday. How's it going so far? I spent most of Sunday in the Windows Internals pre-conference with David Solomon and Mark Russinovich . It was good, although I didn't have any big epiphanies. They covered...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Guía de Migración de VB6 a VB.NET

    Migrar aplicaciones de Visual Basic 6.0 a Visual Basic .NET puede ser una tarea nada trivial. Muchas de las características y tecnologías de Visual Basic 6.0 han cambiado o se encuentran obsoletas. Desarrollar una versión en Visual Basic .NET que sea...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Nuevo Bloque de Aplicación: Composite UI

    El grupo de Patterns & Practices de Microsoft ha liberado un preview de su más nuevo "application block", que si no los conoces, son pequeños bloques preescriptivos que te simplifican la vida cuando debes de programar una porción de código que es...
  • I'm not a Klingon ( )

    Code Page 21027 "Extended/Ext Alpha Lowercase"

    I was playing with code pages and ran into an interesting case: Code Page 21027 - Ext Alpha Lowercase. This code page has some interesting behavior. It looks like a Japaneses EBCDIC code page, however its kind of "missing" mappings for some characters...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Cursos Online de SQL Server 2005 gratuitos temporalmente

    Ya sea que te interese la administración de bases de datos, desarrollo de nuevas bases de datos, o BI (business intelligence), puedes acceder varios cursos online de Microsoft E-Learning a tu propio paso. Cada lección incluye laboratorios aplicados virtuales...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Descarga ya los Books Online de SQL Server 2005

    Ya se encuentran disponibles para que descargar gratuitamente los Libros Online de SQL Server 2005 (Customer Technical Preview de Junio 2005). Los libros online son la principal fuente de documentación de SQL Server. Incluye lo siguiente: Instrucciones...
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