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  • Visual Studio Data

    Project LINQ - Language INtegrated Query (by yag)

    Well, the hints have been going out for a while now, and finally we can talk about this thing we've been working on for so long. At the PDC opening keynote today, we unveiled a number of things including Project LINQ. The Language Integrated Query framework...
  • Attila Hajdrik's Blog

    DAY 02: Precon #2

    Today jetlag was almost gone I was able to sleep 6 hours, it rocks :-) After a "comlementary continental breakfast" (it will never happen again) I headed to the convention canger and had a mixture of two precon sessions. I took the first part of...
  • Attila Hajdrik's Blog

    DAY 01: Precon #1

    I visited the Smart Client Perspective precon session, which was held by Rockford Lhotka and Billy Hollis . They gave a very good view and roadmap for the newbies in the .Net 2.0 world. Lot of stuff was covered including (just to name a few): ...
  • Microsoft Max Blog

    Welcome to Max

    Thanks for installing Max. We’d like to share a few tips as you get started. You can get help with Max on our forums and the help section of our blog . If you want to share pictures with your friends (which is what Max is all about), your friends need...
  • Microsoft Max Blog

    Keep Max up to date

    You can keep Max up to date by using Microsoft Update and turning on Automatic Updates. If you turn on Automatic Updates, Max will automatically keep itself up to date with security updates, brand new features, and more. Microsoft Update will also update...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    Ebay buys Skype!

    Wow - According to the BBC , eBay has purchased Skype! This will be interesting! I wonder what they will do with it?
  • Jason Sacks's Windows SDK blog

    WinFX September CTP Docs are Live

    The WinFX September CTP browsable docs are posted live. Check them out at their usual location, . As usual, please let us know if you see ANY problems in the docs. Operators are standing by. The full download of the...
  • Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

    Hello world!

    Where it all started......
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Commutative vs. Associative

    Sometimes a good example can instantly clarify something. I recall back to my early school days when my math teacher explained that addition and multiplication were Commutative (a+b == b+a) and Associative ( a+(b+c) == (a+b) +c). We students didn't...
  • Diane's web-log

    PDC05 - Pre Conference day 2

    I went to the SQL Server 2005 session today. It was very good - even when you include the LA power outage - which gave our host time to tell some really bad jokes. The morning session was on SQL Serverr IntegrationServices - SSIS. The SQL team has...
  • Craig McMurtry's WebLog

    If you are a software vendor interested in adopting Indigo/the Windows Communication Foundation

    ... then you may like to participate in our Ascend Readiness program that offers extensive hands-on workshops and labs. Register your interest by sending an e-mail to . Just tell us, A little bit about your company, and...
  • Riding Herd

    Another mini-guide update

    We heard from some attendees that they were having a hard time choosing between DAT209 (WinFS Future Directions: An Overview) and TLN306 (The .NET Language Integreate Query Framework: An Overview) in the Wednesday 1:45pm timeslot. To make it a little...
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