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  • Dave Welsh's WebLog

    World Standards Day -- October 14

    Did anyone notice? Details are here and this year's theme was "Standards Connect the World" - which seems to line up with the thinking that we do live in a 'connected world'. Past annual themes...
  • SpankyJ

    How the OS Loader will force .Net v1.0/1.1 executables to run under WOW64 on a 64-Bit Machine

    [10/15, 2:04pm, fixed a couple typos; 10/15, 4:51pm, clarified a point] Before you read this entry, you might want to read these two entries: - -
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Mobility is coming to your area!

    What a great night at the Mobility Roadshow in Philadelphia last night! It was a blast with over 80 people attending this session. In case you haven’t heard these are a great series of mobility seminars all over the country that are a definite one to...
  • Dave Welsh's WebLog

    Financial Services & SWIFT, ISO, Web Services, Domain Specific Languages and Software Factories

    I just got back from the annual SWIFT conference, this year in Atlanta. Some 5,500 delegates from around the world showed up to the conference and vendor exhibition; and of course SWIFT had the event perfectly organized as only SWIFT knows how to do....
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    So what exactly IS COM anyway?

    A couple of days ago, David Candy asked (in a comment on a previous COM related post) what exactly was COM. Mike Dimmick gave an excellent answer to the question, and I'd like to riff on his answer a bit. COM is just one of three associated technologies...
  • One Louder

    Cool things that you find out about your co-workers

    Every once in a while I find something out about my co-workers that really blows my mind. We are so busy focusing on just getting through the day, getting that project completed, getting enough done that it feels OK to go home. We don't always realize...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Scott Horn doing Karaoke.

    So, here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for, Scott Horn, Director of Marketing for the Mobile and Embedded Devices Group (MED) singing (after a fashion) "If you think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart. CAUTION: This content is for Adult Audiences only...
  • Mark D'Urso's Blog

    Electoral votes

    After watching the presidential debates and seeing that many people feel that Kerry won all three debates I started to wonder who is going to win. I've heard the pundits repeat that the first debate put Kerry back into the race but since then things have...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    IIS6 vs Apache2 Security Defects

    A few days ago I decided to look into how IIS6 has faired security-wise since its release well over a year ago. But I didn't want to use Microsoft figures; I wanted to use other figures. This led me to as they have a very nice Web site tracking...
  • Mark D'Urso's Blog

    Mount St Helens

    I've been fascinated by Mt St Helens recently. I was in the third grade when it erupted in 1980 and remember it vividly as we were studying plate tectonics and volcanism at the time. This time, though not as explosive, it's more interesting (I think)...

    Welcome Visual C++ MVPs!

    Well, it's not like they weren't always here, but now we've got a place of honor for them on the Visual C++ Developer Center Home Page . Be sure to check out the full list of Visual C++ MVPs here . John Boylan has taken over as site manger for this developer...
  • JTChris's WebLog

    Windows Forms Layout in Dr. Dobb's Journal

    While thumbing through the new issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal at breakfast today, lo' and behold but what should I see? A Windows Forms layout article - specifically one on creating your own layout manager! The author - Richard Grimes - takes you through...
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