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  • VSIDE's WebLog

    Feedback Requested: File Tabs in Orcas

    Hi folks- I've been working to redesign the file tabs for Orcas (the version of VS after Whidbey) and would love to get your feedback. Based on feedback we've heard from Whidbey users, we're primarily seeking to solve the issues of: 1) grouping related...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    ¿Las telecos se convierten en medios?

    Articulo de Computerworld Un porcentaje altísimo de telecos (incluso en España) están ya evaluando tecnología o planeando la evolución, sin contar con Telefónica, que ya presta el servicio con Imagenio...
  • David Gristwood's Blog

    The Site Navigation System in ASP.NET 2.0 – My First MSDN Article

    This week I had my first proper article published on MSDN – I’ve reviewed and contributed to other articles, but never sat down and done my own article. So here it is - Understanding and Extending the Site Navigation System in ASP.NET 2.0 The article...
  • Rob Caron

    BlogDay 2005

    Here are my contributions to BlogDay 2005, none of which are directly related to Team System: Mathemagenic [ RSS ] I met Lilia Efimova through Korby Parnell . Lilia has been doing research for her PhD at Microsoft this past summer. As she puts it...
  • Your potential and Our passion resonate here...

    Windows Vista - A Clear View of your world.

    Windows means a lot to the world and it is no more just an Operating system. It is a phenomenon - in bringing people's dreams to reality and enabling them to realize their abilities. It is a platform - not just for a host of applications but for the millions...
  • votive, wix, vsip, and all things microsoft

    Announcing a new WiX project: Sconce

    Although I'm still planning at this point to use the new VS SDK 2005 MPF classes , I want to continue to support the current Votive VS 2003 version for a little while. I at least want to clean up some bugs and make it a little more robust before moving...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    My family made it through the hurricane in Waveland, MS

    I just got confirmation tonight that my family in Waveland, MS (my hometown) survived the direct hit from Hurricane Katrina.  My aunt and uncle drove into the Mississippi Gulf Coast somehow from Dallas and were able to get a message back to us. My...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    My Tech Ed presentation is now available for download

    I've just put my presentation from Tech Ed up on my website for downloading. The presentation was ".Net Compact Framework - a platform on the move" and covered the following topics: What is the .Net Compact Framework and why do we have it ...
  • Mitch Walker

    Another View

    Here is another screen shot of the game I've been working on. It uses Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) for the networking and Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) for the rendering. I'll talk more in the future about the architecture, how...
  • Antimail

    Nature, the beautiful nature, can be bad

    Reuven told me about what happened in New Orleans. I browse the dramatic news and I feel an unexplained sense of guilt. Guilt because I am not one of the hundreds of thousands of people affected. That I will never understand how will this affect their...
  • Dev Notes

    VB6 to VB.NET Migration Guide is available...

    Overview from Gotdotnet Migrating Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 applications to Visual Basic .NET can be a non-trivial task. Many of the features and technologies of Visual Basic 6.0 have changed or become obsolete. Developing an equivalent Visual Basic...
  • Tripp Parks's WebLog

    Microsoft Acquires Teleo, Innovative VoIP Technology Company

    • 1 Comments It appears we have acquired a VoIP provider. I wonder if employees will get a discount;)
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