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  • Data Access blog

    Announcing the MDAC 2.8 sp1 Redistributable [Brad Rhodes]

    We have shipped MDAC 2.8 sp1. This is the version of MDAC that originally shipped with Windows XP sp2. It is also the version of MDAC that is included in SQL Server 2000 sp4. This version of MDAC fixes a number of important security bugs. The download...
  • graceworld

    VSTS Roving Reporter

    So you want to build you're own reports and add them to your Team Foundation project eh? First and foremost I really have no documentation for you right now on the TF tables or cubes. I CAN tell you I went spelunking through there one day using the ever...
  • Mark Colburn's WebLog

    The Device Emulator DMA Patch is availble for download

    During Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2005 we found that there were a lot of connectivity issues when deploying or debugging from Visual Studio to the Device Emulator. We did a bunch of work, and then we found that there were still more issues. Then we looked...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    How do I mix C# and C++ code in a single assembly?

    This is an FAQ posted internally. Share it with everyone. It applies to .Net framework 2.0 beta2+. How do I mix C# and C++ code in a single assembly? If your C++ code is not compiled with /clr:safe (i.e. it is compiled with /clr or /clr:pure...
  • Free Associations

    How do explorer context menus sort verbs?

    Windows Explorer has a default implementation for IContextMenu commonly called DefCM that has been used since Win95. It has many clients and has evolved over time, of course, but its primary focus has always been to support the most important of shell...
  • Anandi’s Thoughts

    I'm Back!

    After a nice relaxing 2 weeks and a lovely wedding and reception, I'm back. My new name is Anandi Raman Creath, and I'm still getting used to it. I can't officially change it in the Microsoft system until I get the official copy of our marriage license...
  • Зеркало: Воскресные байты изнутри Microsoft

    Письмо от Билла Гейтса

    Одна из наиболее удобных "фич" Outlook 2003 - "анонсы" о новых сообщениях в районе тулбара: Когда занимаешься своей работой и таким вот манером приходит нотификация о письме от Билла Гейтса, хотя в твои прямые обязанности коммуникация хоть с кем-то...
  • Reckless

    MetaData Metaphor

    I have been spending an enormous amount of time preparing folks for Tech Ed and my corresponding talk. This morning I invited my colleague, Pete McKiernan, into my office to show him my slides on MetaData. We were laughing about the challenges associated...
  • David Hill's WebLog

    The Composite UI Application Block

    Further to my recent post on the composite smart client pattern, I am happy to announce that Microsoft Patterns and Practices are producing an application block to directly support this model! This block follows from work I did last year on rationalizing...
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    VS2005 DevCon- St. Louis

    If you're in the St. Louis area next week, be sure to check out the VS2005 DevCon . I'll be there for hallway chats and for any SQL Server 2005 discussions. Hope to see you there.
  • robgruen's WebLog

    HOWTO: Easily determine if a file is a managed assembly

    This is a question I’ve seen float around several times. It’s an innocent question that I would think would be easy to find but the continued stream of questions quickly blows that hypothesis. So, I’ll try to increase the I-Gravity of my post by listing...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    Regular Expressions in T-SQL, Part II

    I've gotten quite a bit of mail from people re: my recent post about regular expression searches in T-SQL . This was actually covered in my last book , so I've been surprised at how many people were unaware that the tools needed to do this were right...
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