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  • ClassDesigner's WebLog

    Class Designer File Format

    In the past few months, we have covered Class Designer features in the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 release. After reading these articles, you have probably noticed that the serialization format for the diagram file (.cd file extension) is in plain XML...
  • Sriram Krishnan

    Occasional blog posts and Visual Sudoku

    Even though I've been a part of my team at Microsoft only for a couple of months, I've already picked up a reputation of being the 'blogging guy'. In a way, I'm the Scoble of my team (sans the thousands of readers and the fan following of course :-) ...
  • Dave Massy's Blog

    User Agent String again!

    If you take a look at a PC Magazine article at there is a paragraph - " At present, IE7 has a problem rendering some Web pages. According to Microsoft, this is caused by the sites, which need to...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Clocks and M&Ms ... Here I come!

    Sorry for my lack of posting this week. Work and home life have been crazy busy. I know . . . excuses, excuses. Sunday marks a bit of a milestone for me: my five year anniversary with Microsoft. As you’ve probably read from other Microsofties’ blogs...
  • Point2Share

    Jessica said I had to blog her latest post...

    In all honesty though I would have anyway, it’s an absolute cracker! Custom Menus (Not Just Menu Items) in SharePoint
  • Scott Wiltamuth's Visual Studio blog

    WinFx Beta 1 and new names

    Yesterday's Longhorn Beta 1 release is also accompanied by Win Fx Beta 1 , which makes it easier for developers to try out the new functionality -- WinFx also runs on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The release also includes some real names for...
  • craigrow

    Driver Quality Signature (DQS) Program for Windows Vista

    For years now I've been talking to customers who want a way to supress the unsigned driver warning. This is a particular problem if you're selling an innovative device for which Windows doesn't have a logo program. The DQS program is the answer to this problem. Details about the DQS program have recently been published here. It is important enough information that I'm adding it to my link list. DQS testing will be fully supported in the WDK at Beta 2....
  • NETNew WebLog

    Microsoft CIO Ron Markezich on employee productivity

    CIO Webcast “Employee Productivity” On Thursday, July 28, 2005 from 10 to 11 AM Pacific Time, join join CIO Ron Markezich to learn Microsoft IT makes it easy for employees to be productive in the workplace. Click here to register .
  • Ryan Storgaard's Blog

    IE 7 beta download

    MSDN Subscriber downloads has IE 7 beta ready for download! (It's under Operating Systems if you're having trouble locating it). A comment from the IE team's blog With Beta 1 done, you can expect much more active posting about technical details...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Cool article about Honk! at SCT in the local newspaper.

    Last week, we got a phone call from the local newspaper (the Woodinville Weekly), they were doing a story on the SCT summer season and the kids in the Woodinville area that are appearing in shows there. We arranged for the reporter and Daniel to talk...
  • Rob's Rhapsody

    Customer visit today -- Feedback is key!

    It's a jam packed fun filled week this week here in Redmond. Not only does Vista Beta 1 go out to testers, allowing us to finally get some broad feedback on Speech Recognition in Vista, but we also have 20+ customers coming to Redmond today to see our...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    MSDN Forums RSS Feeds and OPML File

    When we first launched the MSDN Forums there were some people that didn't know we had RSS feeds for them. Every forum actually has an RSS feed that you can find in the lower right hand corners of the forum views. The VC# IDE forum , for example, has the...
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