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  • Pedro Silva's Blog

    Great DSL Toolkit Helper by Modelisoft

    Modelisoft has developed a very cool tool that let's you automatically update the designer model file in the DSL Tools designer project based on changes made to the object model file. It gives the generated shapes in the DD file that derive from their...
  • A Canuck In The Machine

    64-Bit Training In Toronto

    The 64-bit age has arrived with the official launch of Windows and SQL 64 –bit products launch in late April at WinHEC. Microsoft, Intel and HP want to work with valued partners and customers to take advantage of this new platform. With the 64-bit...
  • Daryll McDade

    Can Johnny still program?

    Saw this article on CNET from David Patterson(President on ACM) about the showing of the US entries in the ACM student coding competition. <rant> IMO, this problem starts with high school. I have visited a TON of US high schools since...
  • R.Ramesh's WebLog

    Converting Beta 1 class diagrams to Beta 2 format

    If you have created class diagrams using Visual Studio Beta 1, they will not open in Beta 2. However, since the class diagram files persistence format is XML, Oleg from the Class Designer team has created a stylesheet to convert these diagrams to Beta...
  • The Web and Microsoft

    And Yet More Tools

    System Administrators often need tools to help them diagnose problems. I know that when I worked as a sysadmin that I wasted a lot of time troubleshooting issues because I did not always have the proper tools to determine what really had occurred. I worked...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    MEDC 2005 - Blogs, Podcasts, and Radio

    Whether you're going to MEDC or not you can still be (virtually) there - we're going to be blogging, video podcasting, and even have a live radio show running each day from the event ! - Click HERE to get more information about the content feeds from...
  • Visual Basic IDE QA Team Blog

    VB IDE QA Blog is now the VB IDE Team Blog

    We've decide that the entire Visual Basic IDE Team should collaborate on a team blog. (Instead of just having a bog for the Visual Basic IDE QA Team.) The new URL is . The VBIDEQA blog is effectively dead and will receive...
  • Rusty Miller's blog


    I love going out to college campuses and meeting students, chatting about their projects and giving them a coding problem or two. Every college has its only flavor and emphasis - some focus on Java, others C or C++, and some C#. The programming language...
  • Heath Stewart's blog

    Potential Legal Risks with Unauthorized Wi-Fi Access

    Unauthorized access to a WAP isn't always intentional and should carefully be considered....
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Visual Studio Tools for Office and SQL Server 2005 Beta 2

    OK- I know I am behind. It's been a little nutty around here since boy #5 arrived (and I had to shuttle my kids to 3! baseball games last night at three different parks at different times). Anyway, today, I am getting back into the groove. My buddy...
  • Eric Jarvi

    Profiling ASP.NET apps with the help of external load and web tests

    ASP.NET profiling in Beta 2 from within the IDE opens up an IE browser window as if you were going to generate load that way. That's fine if the web page triggers a web service or some internal function that you are targeting, where one simple button...
  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    Por fin Virtual Server se compadece de BizTalk

    Un día histórico para los usuarios de Virtual Server Cada vez más usuarios/compañías han adoptado la utilización de Virtual Server en escenarios donde la virtualización de hardware tiene muchas ventajas, tales como: Pruebas/Desarrollo Consolidación...
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