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  • Mitch Walker

    Terrarium 1.2 Server Available

    I'm glad to announce that the Terrarium 1.2 Server is finally available for download. Head on over to the Terrarium Downloads area to snag it. Now included is a configuration tool that will create the database, create the virtual directory and congifure...
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Influencer Community

    LIVE from MEDC in Las Vegas

    Check this out: I had the opportunity to speak live on the air with John Iasiuolo, host of the radio show " Computer Outlook ", broadcast daily Mon-Fri via KLAV/Las Vegas and the Internet at 5:00 PM PDT. Here's a link to yesterday's show in its entirety...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    The High Barrier to entry for watching an MSDN Webcasts

    I think we managed to upset more customers today with the challenges that arise from trying to watch our webcasts. The main problems that seem to plauge us with Events and webcasts is our MS Events registration system in its current form(known internally...
  • mgrier's WebLog

    More than one way to skin a (transactional) cat

    Let's briefly look at how databases deal with transaction rollback. I'm going to ignore a lot of other fun stuff around locking protocols, snapshots, isolation etc. and only focus on how atomicity & durability are achieved. I'll keep the conversation...
  • Direct Reports

    No Pocky for Kity (Custom Aggregates)

    While SQL Server Reporting Services supports a variety of built-in aggregates , one of the things that people ask for is the ability to define custom aggregates. While this is not directly supported in RDL, there is a trick you can do using the <Code>...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Lenn Pryor is leaving Microsoft to go to Skype

    Lenn Pryor one of the co-founders of Channel 9 site is moving on to greener pastures. Here's Lenn's blog . It's an interesting read on the behind the scenes life for someone who's been working at Microsoft for the last eight years. George, MSDN Webcasts
  • David Kline

    Live from MEDC 2005 II - Windows Mobile 5.0

    Hello, again! The keynote was great with some very cool demos. You can watch the video here . During the keynote, Bill announced Windows Mobile 5.0 . Windows Mobile 5.0 is great. NetCF v1 SP3 is installed in ROM. You can use Visual Studio 2005 Beta...
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    Performance Quiz #6 -- Chinese/English Dictionary reader

    Raymond Chen is running a series of articles about how to build and optimize the startup time of a Chinese/English dictionary. Developing a Chinese/English dictionary: Introduction Loading the dictionary, part 1: Starting point and then my analysis...
  • Nonnenberg's Notes

    New Visual Studio 2005 Feature: User-unhandled Exceptions

    I recently responded to this "bug" on the MSDN Product Feedback Center , but I thought it would be valuable for more people than just "SecurityException" to get this explanation. The situation is this - Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 stopped the debuggee and...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Threat Modeling, Part 3 - Process

    Continuing the discussion on threat modeling that I started in this post (and continued in this one)... There's a critical third part of threat modeling, and that's the process of threat modeling. Threat modeling is a discipline - you need to start...
  • IEBlog

    Inspect Your Pages in IE

    The information published in this post is now out-of-date. —IEBlog Editor, 21 August 2012 Hi my name is Markus Mielke and I am a Program Manager working with Chris Wilson on CSS and platform support. Today, I would like to talk about DOM Inspectors...
  • GrayCode

    ASP.NET Profiling - Off Road

    I just posted an article about profiling ASP.NET applications 'Off Road'. May it provide many hours of pleasure for those who enjoy digging around the edges of the 'mainline...
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