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  • Solutions Monkey

    Welcome to our blog!

    Howdy!! Welcome to our blog. I am Anand Rajagopalan, AnandRaj for short. I have been with Microsoft since 2000. I joined as a consultant in Microsoft consulting services organization. During my tenure as a consultant for 3 years in the Network Service...
  • Reckless

    Personal: The Dias Mobile

    I wrote the following piece with my brother Mark as my editor. We wanted it to be published in the Los Gatos Weekly in our home town in California, but unfortunately, you can only submit dry obituaries. So here goes... a very personal post: The Dias...
  • One Louder

    Event announcement: Microsoft Finance Career Event-Redmond, WA

    Here's the announcement for our invitational finance event (in Redmond). Feel free to contact me if you are interested! _____________________________________________________________________________________________[:)] Microsoft Finance Career...
  • Tim Sneath

    Atlas: Building AJAX with ASP.NET

    Perhaps the first commonly-used example of an AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) application was Outlook Web Access , which has saved me on more occasions than I can remember. AJAX gives OWA the ability to provide a much richer experience than would...
  • Inside Architecture

    Having a High Bus Factor

    A friend of mine pointed out an interesting post by Scott Hanselman that used a clever phrase: "having a High Bus Factor" which is to say: if the original developer of a bit of code is ever hit by a bus, you are toast. The example that Scott gave was...
  • craigrow


    The first release of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) to our Technology Adoption Program partners will be very soon. Check back here for discussion of the technologies and issues which arise, especially as relates to the Ximage, Automated Software Installer...
  • k7's blog

    Google Earth is awesome

    I know MSN Search team is playing catch up and has done an amazing job in the last 18 months. I attended one of their recent dev presentations and they were demonstrating how much better their "answer search" is compared to Google. Try searching for the...
  • TexBlog

    Let him who gets OOP cast the first stone

    Interesting conversation going on over on CodeFez , where Nick Hodges contends that MS doesn't quite get OOP, and Julian Bucknall responds that it's actually Nick that doesn't quite get it. Let me first say that there are few, perhaps zero, OOP frameworks...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog

    TechEd Europe

    Next week several of us will be at TechEd in Amsterdam. I'll be giving a talk on "Building and Using a Software Factory" together with Annie Matthewman: we're going to demonstrate using GAT together with the DSL Tools to build a simple smart client application...
  • One Louder

    Getting feedback and liking it

    Signs that you are growing up...buying your first home, deciding that you like your friends better when they stop trying to set you up on dates, doing stuff because it's good for you (shredded wheat, sun block, anything green and leafy...OK, bad example...
  • Tim Sneath

    Got 10 Minutes to Learn Something New?

    At TechEd this year, many of the Microsoft Regional Directors recorded short ten minute technical presentations on their favourite technologies. If you've not come across the RDs, they're a smart bunch of independent developers and architects, most of...
  • Saurabh Pant's Weblog

    ClickOnce MSDN WebCast

    Just got out of a ClickOnce MSDN WebCast titled "Building a ClickOnce Toolkit". It was hosted by William Steele and you can get more info on it, on his blog at I was primarily there to represent...
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