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  • Microsoft NZ Student and Academic Blog

    Unplugged - IE8

    UNPLUGGED Update: Internet Explorer 8 Come and get an overview of the new features and capabilities of Internet Explorer 8. IE8 has plenty of exciting new features for web developers, consumers and IT Professionals. Leading the charge is a...
  • !analyze -v

    [Debugging Toolbox]Connections from Pool

    • 0 Comments 글 : Roberto Alexis Farah 번역 : 이태화 만약 여러분이 저와 같다면 특정 정보를 찾으려 할때 calss 나 namespace 를 잊어 버리곤할 것입니다. 아니면 찾고자 하는 field 이름을 잊기도 할 것입니다. 예를 들면 저는 System.Data.SqlClient...
  • Команда разработки Windows 7

    Планирование Windows или куда попадают отзывы пользователей?

    Позвольте представить Майка Энжило ( Mike Angiulo ), который возглавляет команду Windows PC Ecosystem and Planning . Команда Майка тесно сотрудничает со всеми нашими партнерами и занимается планированием каждой новой версии Windows . В Windows предусмотрено...
  • マイクロソフトのEngineering Windows 7 ブログ


    編集ノート:これは私たち開発チームのシニアメンバーによる初めての投稿になります。マイクロソフトのディスティングイッシュト・エンジニアであり、 Core Operating System グループのファンダメンタル・チームを率いている Michael Fortin を紹介します。マイケルは、 Windows プラットフォーム全般のパフォーマンスと信頼性に関する分野を担当しています。 --Steven (追伸: へ行って、 Internet Explorer...
  • Czech MSDN Blog

    Seznamte se s ...

    Je to tady. Jak jsem slíbila, je tu rubrika Drbárna a s ní seznámení s jedním z nás. Když jsem přemýšlela nad tím, koho vám představím nejdříve, zvolila jsem jednoho z " DPE nováčků". Pracuje na pozici Designer and Enthusiast Evangelist a jmenuje se Petr...
  • Olivier's Blog

    Vidéos "How Do I" pour Windows Mobile - "How Do I?" videos for Windows Mobile

    Je vous parlais dans un post récent de vidéos pouvant vous aider dans vos développements sur Windows Mobile. La publication de ces vidéos est désormais régulière. N'hésitez pas à aller sur le site ou de vous abonner au flux RSS pour consulter ces petits...
  • Academic Care Blog (Gautam's Blog)

    Learn Web, .NET and Windows Development with Webcast Video trainings

    MSDN Webcast Series are a great way to learn programming ASP.NET, the .NET framework, C#, VB, Windows development and other Microsoft technologies, as a detailed step-by-step fashion. The series of webcasts on each technology start at the basic level...
  • Joe Calev's WebLog

    What should I use to write Speech Server applications?

    Recently, I have seen a few posts on other blogs asking what should one use to create speech server applications. To review, there are four ways to write speech server applications in OCS 2007. 1) Windows Workflow Activities 2) Core API (basically...
  • Steve Clayton

    Designing The Next Era Of Software

      Very cool site and event series from the Expression team . Expression Around the Clock starts on October 4 and the whole event is within 24 hours covering 10 countries. It kicks off at Auckland, New Zealand and finishes in Toronto, Canada . Other...
  • Academic Care Blog (Gautam's Blog)

    Microsoft Research RFP for Semantic Search and Semantic Computing

    Microsoft Research is pleased to announce a new worldwide Request for Proposals (RFP): Beyond Search – Semantic Computing and Internet Economics . For full details, guidelines, and instructions, please visit
  • Yves Dolce

    C++/CLI : IntPtr to an HWND

    I was fed up with always having to write different code for x86 or x64 so I wrote intptr_cast<>. Still a lot of things to think about here but I wrote those couple of lines as a sample. I thought this might not only give you ideas but maybe...
  • The Silver Lining Blog

    Pie in the Sky (September 6, 2013)

    Back from vacation this week and trying to catch up on things I missed while out last week. Here's part of my reading list for your weekend enjoyment. Cloud Configuring dynamic IP address restrictions in Windows Azure Web Sites : New feature...
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