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  • marklon

    What happens when a customer has hit a bug and wants it fixed?

    Well, the first thing to do is to verify that this is our bug. One discussion that crops up over and over is: Customer: “Your heap manager sucks. Look, it is crashing in the heap free routine” Me: “Well, it could be our problem but I haven’t...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Recursion, Part Two: Unrolling a Recursive Function With an Explicit Stack

    That recursive solution is pretty cool, to be sure. But there is one big problem with it. Consider this Jscript program that puts a few more nodes into our tree from last time: function tree(value, left, right) { this.value = value; this.left = left;...
  • marklon

    A case study... kind of

    So, what is a typical case that I might handle? There isn’t really a typical case but I will give you a fictional case that wouldn’t look out of place in a typical day. I don’t generally get cases when they first come in. We have engineers...
  • Rob Caron

    CMMI Certification Using Team System

    DevSource , a Microsoft sponsored Ziff Davis site, has an article by Paul Ferrill that explains in a nutshell what CMMI is and how it came to be. He then goes on to explain how Visual Studio Team System can be used by software development teams to earn...
  • Rob Caron

    Suggested Reading - 2005-07-31

    Cleaning-out my “To Blog” file again… Architects Handling data in service oriented systems Edward Bakker applies lessons learned from TechEd Europe. Enterprise architecture 10 common myths In this article on The Enterprise Architecture Online...
  • craigrow

    More praise for Ximage

    Adam Leinss does a nice job of giving an overview of the imaging process prior to Ximage and hopes Ximage "makes it" into Vista. Good news, since Vista setup is a client of Wimgapi and all of the Ximage functionality is actually in the Wimgapi.dll...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    MSN Virtual Earth Beta!

    Para los que no han tenido la oportunidad de revisar MSN Virtual Earth (actualmente en estado Beta), se los recomiendo altamente. Este nuevo servicio de MSN proveerá una forma intuitiva y amigable para recorrer el mundo de manera virtual utilizando imágenes...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    How to stitch photos in Acrylic

    You've probably found people talking about the nice panoramic images they can make from Acrylic . Well I decided to have a go at making my own. Being very ignorant of image editing in general and image editing software in particular, I found it tricky...
  • Bit-cycling

    Reflections on Program Management at Microsoft

    Lots of changes in my work life in the past year months. About 10 months ago, I joined the IE team to work on IE features. It was pretty similar to what I was doing back in Networking. However, back in January, I started the long progression of moving...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Simple example of an API design flaw.

    Here’s a simple example of an API design flaw in ICorDebug. (ICorDebug is the API that Visual Studio / MDbg and other debuggers use to debug managed code). Here’s the background knowledge: 1) When a thread first executes actual IL (whether jitted or ngenned...
  • David Dehghan's blog

    A cool way of extending google map

    I was just listening to Tim OReilly's talk at MySQL conference. Here some cool sites he mentioned. Google Map Craig's list New visualization model Baby name:
  • Visual Studio Team Test

    Link to Michael Koltachev's blog on how to do Test Driven Development using VSTS

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