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  • Chris Flaat's WebLog

    "Ideal line" plotted on scrum burndown chart

    Hi all - One new thing we're doing with this sprint is adding an "ideal line" to our scrum burndown chart. This helps us see where we're at with respect to our plans, and is nicer than using an imaginary line. Because in Scrum we use 30 calendar days...
  • Chris Johnson

    Multiple document library event handlers on a library

    Ever wanted to do this? ... Me too! Unfortunately there is not a nice way to do this... however if you are able to modify the code there is a way to string a few of them together. Take the first document library event handler, inherit from the second...
  • Adarsh's blog

    Use NetworkInformation classes to get the list of listening ports on your machine

    .Net frameworks 2.0 have new addition of Namespace, System.Net.NetworkInformation, it provide a number of interesting classes to extract the network related statistics and state of the machine, it pretty much provide most of the functionality which is...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Clearly Document Object Lifespans

    I’ve started commenting on API design lessons we’ve learned from mistakes in ICorDebug. I previously blogged about dangers of doing complicated work in IUnknown::Release or C++ destructors. Another API design point is [update: include 2nd half of sentence...
  • Spat's WebLog (Steve Patrick)

    Manage and Monitor users logins to the Active Directry - LimitLogon.exe

    Just released to the web is LimiLogon LimitLogin capabilities include: - Limiting the number of logins per user from any machine in the domain, including...
  • distilled

    Show Indigo the door...

    Ever wanted to build something fundamental and get it out to millions of folks? I worked for years as an enterprise consultant and that was a very valuable experience, getting insight into a ton of LOB implementations, but nothing beats building the core...
  • Sampy's Blog

    Gauntlet - Measuring success one checkin at a time

    On the VB team, we don't checkin to our source control system (Source Depot or sd) ourselves like mere mortals, we use the automated checkin system called Gauntlet. Gauntlet runs as an .hta app that collects your unsubmitted changelist, asks for some...
  • Hirlpoo West

    Sadly, my town is on the map

    I'm surprised to see my town in international news now, especially for such a sad reason.  My wife and I were actually watching the Big Ten tournament when the local CBS affiliate ran a scroller with the news during the game.  I remember us both uttering...
  • Sampy's Blog

    Going Dark (almost)

    This week VB dev is "going dark" to fix bugs. This means we shut our doors, turn off Outloook, and get some real work done. We've peeled off Beta 2 and are working hard to drive down RTM bugs. By this point in the paragraph, you're probably thinking that...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    New Project Hoshimi Manga

    Richard has posted some drafts of the new Project Hoshimi manga at theSpoke . Images only - no dialog. Still I wonder what clues you can find there. If you are into the Imagine Cup Visual Gaming event you will want to check these out. Alfred (Microsoft...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows CE 5.0 - CEPC Debug Serial on COM1

    You may have noticed that if you are building and debugging Windows CE 5.0 images on a CEPC that COM1 has been stolen by the debugger to send debug output to a listening terminal (or terminal application). You *should* be able to stop the serial debug...
  • Riding Herd

    How do you plan a PDC?

    I’ve spent the past two months trying to figure out what it means to be PDC Content Owner, and how I’m supposed to do my job. I’m not entirely sure I’ve figured it out yet ;) I know that by Sep 13, I need a plan for how to keep several thousands of attendees...
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