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  • Nigel Parker's Outside Line

    New Logos for DPE

    The Developer and Platform Evangelism group that I work in at Microsoft has got new logo's. Sanjay Parthasarathy , will reveal all this week at MGB in Atlanta. It will also be my opportunity to meet Sanjay (or at least see him present). This...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Dear Diary...

    I haven't really blogged in a while, mostly because it's hard to blog about the kind of work I do right now (improving the security of unreleased products). But, I thought to myself, one way to share some of my experience with all you great folks would...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    It's been a while

    I notice it's been a while since I blogged last. I'm still here - we've just been really focused on shipping Whidbey and had some important deadlines. There are a few entries I'm in the middle of writing that I hope people will find valuable, particularly...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Shareware Starter Kit

    Dan got picked up by Mary Jo . This project has been a total labor of love for Dan, whose full time job is C# product manager. The theory we had behind this Starter Kit was that the "micro ISV" was in decline due in part to the difficulty of getting...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    A Three-Hour Walk

    Walking the Seattle Night and Day Challenge....
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Drywall Screws Work on Drywall: Who Knew?

    Last weekend, I spent two days helping out a local charity, L'Arche Seattle . My version of helping is to go over and do some of the various light construction projects they need. A couple of months ago, for instance, I cut through a load-bearing wall...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    More Headlines to Love: "China to send pig sperm to space"

    Check out the story , especially the picture.
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    I love the smell of a banhammer in the morning

    It's no secret that there's been an increasing amount of cheating on Halo 2. Evidently when Bungie released the new downloadable maps they weren't far enough ahead in the developer-vs-cracker arms race, and modded versions started showing up on XBox Live...
  • FreiK's WebLog

    Driver complaint

    <rant> Why is it that everyone decides to create their own whiz-bang interface for drivers & whatnot? Why is it always so difficult to just say "Install my printer & use the Windows default interface for managing it". WiFi cards &...
  • Eric Hu's Weblog

    What information should be included when reporting bugs

    做為一個tester, 最重要的工作當然就是找到bug. 但是找到bug後, 要怎麼去report這個bug? Team System裏的 work item tracking可以提供一個簡單自動化的工具來report bug. 例如, 當實行一個unit test結果是failed時, 只要publish這個test然後在test result按右鍵執行Create Work Item, 就可以將這個failed的unit test 以bug的型式report到team system的work...
  • Kevin B Smith's WebLog

    BizUnit 2.0 - Automated Testing for BizTalk Solutions

    I've released BizUnit 2.0 , in case you’ve not come across it before, BizUnit is a framework that I put together to enable the rapid development of automated functional testing for BizTalk solutions, the motivation was to provide a framework that would...
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    July CTPs are available on MSDN

    The Visual Studio 2005 July CTP is now available on MSDN ( ). This currently contains Pro, VSS, and VSTO. The VSTS ,VSTF, and VS SDK images will be availabe on July 20th. If you have an MSDN subscription...
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