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  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Who is Responsible

    We’ve kept the beta e-mail list for Word 2004 open so that we can stay in touch with any lingering issues that people have been running into. This was particularly helpful when working on SP1. Last week, a message arrived under the subject “Who is Responsible...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Two questions I couldn't get answered

    So far today I've had two questions I wanted to find answers to, but neither the new MSN Search nor Google could help me. Can anyone out there help? 1) Where did the phrase "Between you and me and the fence post" come from? (I know that it...
  • Deven Kampenhout's Tech Blog

    Bill Gates Speaks on Software Interoperability

    This idea isn't new, but the fact that Bill is driving focus towards software interoperability is very encouraging. I remember the first time I heard of XML, thinking how it was a nice idea, but that it was a bit "overbilled" and "overhyped". However, I have to admit that using XML as a common interoperability mechanism is a great idea. It allows you to publicize your communication / interoperability schemas without requiring interfacing programs/programmers to understand all of the details abou...
  • Under The Hood - Matt Pietrek

    Why does the PDB format change every release?

    In another post , Steve Loughran asks "Why does the PDB format change every release? What is wrong with having one standard layout for debug symbols and leaving it alone?" A good question, and one that I wondered about many years ago. The answer is that...
  • Lee Mungai's BLog

    Off to the Bob Marley Festival in Ethiopia

    In just under two hours from now, i'll be on a flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to attend the Bob Marley Festival that kicks off tomorrow February 6th. Hope to meet some of y'all !
  • load of tosh

    DirectSound Metronome

    My former intern Albert has finished his metronome project that uses DirectSound and talks about some of the issues he hit on his MSN Space -- The Groove Yard . It Works! Creating streaming, live audio is sorta easy! This opens the doors for all kinds...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    New RSSBandit Beta Rocks

    Wow. Must download .
  • Slava Oks's WebLog

    SQLOS - unleashed

    With SQL Server 2005 Beta 1 and Beta 2 you might have noticed that there is no ums.dll in the bin directory. The reason is simple it is no longer exists. In SQL2000 ums.dll provided SQL Server with user mode non-preemptive scheduling. So what happened...
  • White.Steve.Blog

    Side-by-side Assemblies Articles

    Jason, thanks for your comment on the previous post. What particularly resonated with me was "Making it work for real would be a big deal where I work," because I'm part of Premier Support for Developers and our job is helping enterprise and ISV Microsoft...
  • dougturn's WebLog

    Code Camp in Raleigh

    Oh, by the way, we have the Raleigh Code Camp site up (where we is defined as Greg Pugh). check it out. We have space for 200, but based on the attendence at the other ones, register early if you want to attend. They're all filling up...
  • AprilR's Blog

    So what's coming after the 2005 release?

    Corporate V.P. for developer division, Soma Somasegar, recently answered questions for eWeek's Taft about a variety of topics, including what is next for Visual Studio after the 2005 release (a.k.a Whidbey). The Importance of Microsoft Being Transparent...
  • dougturn's WebLog

    Thoroughly enjoying South Florida Code Camp today

    I'm sitting in Joe Homnick's VSTS talk, and although he doesn't think I'm listening, I'm quite enjoying his talk. Joe, if you read this, I was the annoying guy in the second row typing throughout your lecture. Nice talk, dude. The only problem with this...
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