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  • Sharp Things

    Hack the Build: Update to 1.1 targets

    Jomo Fisher – Oren pointed out that the wrong resource compilation was being done in the 1.1 targets I posted. I've corrected the problem so you may want to take another snapshot of the targets files. He also pointed out that, at debug time, the FX...
  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    How do I add Platform Builder components to my CE device?

    Let's say there's some cool feature you've just read about - say the CE File Server (i.e. SMB Server) - and you want to add it to your Windows CE device's ROM. How you do this depends on who you are, what the device is, and what component you're looking...
  • David L's Blog

    Cobol.NET!!!! Woot!

    I was having a dig around some technical material the other day, and I came across a CD that discusses a technology called Cobol.NET!!! My first reaction was a short fit as I thought about my days in Uni doing Introduction to Cobol. But the more I looked...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Corporate Responsibility

    Everyone seems to be talking about Microsoft's recent stance on the anti-discrimination bill. What seemed to start as a local story (or so I thought) grew to national proportions very quickly. I don't know if it's because the issue is so sensitive or...
  • Being Scott Densmore

    TDD Webcast on Thursday

    Brad , Peter , Brian and myself will be doing a web cast on TDD. Sign up here and share in the magic. Update – I have no idea what is ADD . Now playing: Skid Row - Rattlesnake Shake
  • Rob Caron

    Installing Team Build

    Installing Team Foundation Server installs several Web services that support Team Build. These services control build machines hosting Team Build and managing builds. However, Team Foundation Server setup does not install Team Build itself. This is by...
  • [MSFT]

    SQL Server BI Webcasts

    If you want to learn more about BI in SQL Server 2005, then tune into the webcasts at and if you meet the requirements you could even win a portable media center pre-loaded with a selection of the...
  • Todd's Blog

    Personal Data

    A little personal information about me....
  • The Old New Thing

    Watching thread messages disappear

    A sample program that loses thread messages....
  • Florin Lazar - Consistency Checkpoint

    Blog on Transactional NTFS

    I found out about this blog a few days ago. Malcolm Smith, a developer from the Transactional NTFS team is blogging at
  • Florin Lazar - Consistency Checkpoint

    Using Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP1 and MSDTC on Clusters

    In order to allow Windows XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP1 to talk to a remote MSDTC located in a cluster, the security level for MSDTC needs to be set to "Incoming Caller Authentication Required". (see
  • adamga's WebLog

    MSDN Canada Community Radio...

    Well, now we've gone and done it. Thanks to the awesome work of Craig Flannagan and Mark Relph , we are proud to introduce MSDN Canada community radio, recorded live at our community events. Some very cool speakers (not just yours truly). Hopefully, worth...
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