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  • One Louder

    My personal campaign...or pick an ethos, any ethos.

    Every so often, I start a new personal campaign at work. It's not intentional and it usually has to do with the type of work I am proud (or not) to put my name on. It all starts with me noticing something that seems just a little off or counter-intuitive...
  • Fabrice Meillon BLog's (Archives)

    Virtual Server 2005 et l'hyperthreading

    Information potentiellement intéressante pour pas mal de monde car Virtual Server est couramment utilisé et le Pentium 4 HT . Le problème apparaît durant les grandes charges de calcul sur Virtual Server 2005 : à ce moment, l'HyperThreading peut faire...
  • David Kline

    Enabling Attach to Process support in NetCF v2

    By default, support for attaching the debugger to a .NET Compact Framework application is disabled in NetCF v2. This is done to optimize the runtime performance of the application on the device. When attach to process support is enabled, the Just-In-Time...
  • Your Data in the Cloud

    Great Samples on Service Broker

    I recently came across a few good samples: Async Task Management: Very Basic Trading System: ...
  • MindBuzz

    India Security Weeks

    I spent the last two weeks on the road as a part of the "India Security Weeks" team, meeting developers, IT Pros, academics and CXOs across India. In all, we conducted around 20 seminars / conferences with the various audiences across 5 cities. It was...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    It's the little things that count

    My manager’s manager, Mary, and I have been meeting with folks around Microsoft lately and asking them why they love the company and, more importantly, what surprised them about the company once they joined that they didn’t realize from the outside. We...
  • John Lawrence (MSFT)

    All the cool kids are talking about AJAX

    It seems that everywhere I look today people are talking about AJAX . For a variety of reasons, web apps with highly responsive UIs have been of interest to a few of us on the Team Foundation team on and off for a while. When Google Suggest came out we...
  • Rob Copeland's Blog

    Tuesday Afternoon

    Our review meeting with Soma went well. We covered a lot of things that we accomplished this last fiscal year and some things we didn't do so well at. Things that went well (that Soma agreed with :)) are: Launching VBRun (way to go Jay Roxe!). ...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    The Job Seeker Manifesto

    One of my new teammates, Jim Stroud , is crazy about the job seeker’s experience … just like me. Jim and I even refer to each as kindred spirits now. :) Sadly, it’s rare to find recruiters these days who believe so strongly in the advocacy of the applicant...
  • Guoqiang Wu's Blog

    Authoring XML schema (XSD) with InfoPath - Part I

    Recently, I ran across Aaron Skonnard's MSDN magazine articles talking about Contract First Service Development . The very first step of this so called "Contract-First" development process is to create the XML schema. And for that, Aaron recommended Visual...
  • Glen's old blog

    Soliciting feedback on event descriptions...

    We're putting together some of our marketing materials for next quarter's MSDN Events. I'm interested in your opnions of the session abstracts in this post (read on to find them). Do they make you feel compelled to see the content? Do you like the titles? Are these too "markety" for developers? Your feedback is welcome! Thanks. ...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Did you know… How to dock the Find and Replace Window in VS?

    A commonly-asked question.  By default, the general development settings profile will set the Find and Replace Window to Floating.  In Floating mode, you cannot dock the tool window.  Simply right-click on the tool window titlebar and select...
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