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  • craigrow

    DTM WinHEC Slides now on

    If you didn't get the opportunity to attend the DDC in Seattle this year, the DTM presentations are now available on here Other WDK presentations from WinHEC 2005 and earier are also on the WDK page .
  • PeteL's Blog

    nGallery, Migration, Venus App Building...

    I'm about to migrate nGallery to ASP.NET 2.0, and am talking about some of my goals for the migration....
  • David Kline

    Using Run to Cursor II - Keyboard shortcut

    A few months ago, I posted on using Visual Studio's Run to Cursor feature to set a temporary breakpoint, compile, deploy and start your application. Recently, one of my readers emailed me and mentioned that I had forgotten to talk about the handy keyboard...
  • Will Code For Food;

    I've Joined the Mother Ship

    This is my first blog as a Microsoft employee. In fact, I am posting this at the end of my first week as an SDE on the Hatteras client team. Oh, what a week it's been! Having worked outside the ranks of Microsoft for many years, it's really interesting...
  • DevDivLocTeamBlog

    International QA

    The localization team also drives International QA for the US Developer Division through the International Test Lead position. The International Test Lead works with the Localization Program Managers, International Program Managers and the worldwide regional...
  • The Visual Basic Team

    My First Database by Greg Osefo

    Creating my first database was a very interesting experience because I really didn't know where to begin. In a past internship I used Visual Studio for some web applications and managing data, but never had to actually create my own database. This summer...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Recruiting blog feed over at

    Do you have a recruiting or job related blog? Like to read recruiting or job related blogs? Jason over at has started a Recruiting blogs feed , and he's displaying snippets of posts from the feed on the sidebar of the site. So if you...
  • hughpyle

    In the beginning...

    So, you found my MSDN blog. This will be a continuation of the technical parts of my regular weblog (which is at ). Specifically, I have lots to say about Groove as a development platform; the Groove Forms tool; tips...
  • FrankFi's view of the world

    The Monad...

    Hi.. I am now two and a half years working for Microsoft and still the company is able to astonish me once a day. Today I learned – ok, this is not really new I know but I just recently fell over it – that Monad is base for Exchange 12. Say, how cool...
  • Ryan Storgaard's Blog

    A quickstart on Identity

    Identity is an area getting a log of attention in the blogosphere lately. Specifically, I've been following Kim Cameron's Identity Blog, and checking out the buzz around InfoCard and ADFS. I’ve put together a bit of a cheat sheet below to save you some...
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Influencer Community

    Steve Ballmer Channel 9 Interview: The Importance of Developers

    Check out Robert Scoble 's video interview of SteveB, wherein (among other topics) Steve gives insight into why he thinks developers are so important to MS: “Q: You're famous for the "developers, developers, developers" speech. Why are developers so...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    String trim with ISO C++

    Do you want a trim function for strings using ISO C++ and no more? like this: #include <iostream> #include <string> void main() { assert_equal("ab b",trim(std::string(" ab b "))); assert_equal("ab b",trim(std::string(" ab b"))); ...
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