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  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Cas Health Monitor source

    _=_ _=_ Part 001 of 001 of file _=_ begin 666 M4$L#!!0````(`$Y3^3!#5:A=N@,``'H)```@````0V%S2&5A;'1H36]N:71O M<B]!<W-E;6)L>4EN9F\N8W.-5FUOVS80_MP"_0^'`$6=(%/7?<R&`JVS#,'0 M(*BS#</2#Q1ULIA...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    MapPoint Web Service Offering for MSDN Subscribers

    There has been a special offer for MSDN Subscribers to signup for a free Mappoint Web Service account. Special Offer MSDN® Universal, Enterprise, and Professional subscribers are eligible for a free subscription to MapPoint Web Service ...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Natuzzi Dealer Locator uses Mappoint

    Look closely at this map. It is from the Natuzzi website, specifically their dealer locator page. It is showing me the nearest Natuzzi dealer based on my postcode. What do you notice? Hmmmm, interesting. More will be revealed at TechEd Australia...
  • Rakesh's Blog


    There were some areas where I had requested feedback. Based on the feedback received from external and internal patrons these are the decisions. Function overloading Our proposed approach, in nut shell, was to create an additional parameter...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Whidbey Refactorings: Signature Change

    Almost 4 months after the first post in the series … not bad! There are 3 Signature Change Refactorings: Remove Parameter Reorder Parameter Promote Local I rank these as “Tier 2” – they’re not as important...
  • Marley Gray's WebLog

    Portal Pill

    Have a problem with your HR department, you need a portal. Need to get information out to your employees in a consistent manner, you need a portal. Sale force needs re-alignment? You need a portal. Have a headache? portal… Toilet stopped up? portal…...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Are the Telecommunications Companies Ready for Change?

    I can easily list 15 things I love about DirecTV, one of which includes the customer service experience from DirecTV. I had a problem where ESPN intermittently would lose signal (why the hell did it have to happen to the one channel I actually watch?...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows XP Embedded - Virtual PC Hardware Definition (SLD).

    The last couple of months MSDN " Get Embedded " articles have focused on how to build a Windows XP Embedded operating system using Virtual PC , and how to write and debug Win32 applications on the Virtual PC - the one thing that's been missing from the...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Should You Learn WS-* Specs Now?

    In Tim Ewald's post, “ I refuse to let the angle brackets fall where they may! ”, he brings up the point about starting with the XML, then designing the XML schema, then the WSDL, then finishing with a stylized set of classes. In the comments...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Answer Ron's questions about C# Refactorings.

    On the Yahoo! Groups Refactoring DL, Ron Jeffries asked some questions about Visual C# 2005 Refactorings. "Can you say how you expect the Microsoft refactorings to stack up against the existing ones that are out there?" I've personally spent...

    Lookout Moved

    I'll update my last Lookout post as soon as I can, but the Lookout download was move to MSN Sandbox .
  • Windows Embedded Blog - report on Portable Media Center Devices.

    • 8 Comments are running a report on Portable Media Centers , taking a look at the possible uptake of these devices in the market - Amazon are taking pre-orders for the Samsung and Creative devices. One of the blockers for uptake would appear to be content...
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