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  • Dave Welsh's WebLog

    Blogging again .. after so many months off

    Back again in the blog space, and looking forward to blogging again after so many months of being off line. Actually, because of day job work I wanted to put the blog aside to concentrate on a few other things. Anyway, back here again. So, catching...
  • TabBlogger

    Hardware just keeps getting cheaper and more powerful

    Sometimes I feel sorry for those electrical engineering grads who are constantly racing to develop the next new thing. But then I remember that I am a Microbiology/Molecular Biology double-degree who had to scratch and claw his way to decent grades against...
  • .NET4Office

    ActionsPane AutoRecover and Clear

    Misha Shneerson--also known as "Misha-Cat" and "founder of ActionsPane" recently answered some questions I had about ActionsPane. To preface this, VSTO's support for ActionsPane actually attaches a Smart Document solution to the Word or Excel document...
  • One Louder

    Don't be sorry...really, it's OK

    Almost every e-mail that I get via my blog contains an apology or an acknowledgment that I must receive several e-mails like this and etc., etc. I just want to let you all know that I WANT to hear from you. Seriously, no apology necessary. My job is all...
  • NETNew WebLog

    Windows matches UNIX server share for the first time!

    For the first time, Windows-based server market share has equaled UNIX-based share based on revenue (34.4% market share for each). Read the IDC press release here:
  • Engine Watch

    temp table allocation in SQL 2005

    Temp table is no different from regular tables. We may choose either page or extent allocation to optimize performance and space utilization. The kinds of operation affect how we choose: select into bulk insert create index insert...
  • Antimail

    Article: Too much homework can be counterproductive

    You might think that it is almost impossible to "measure" how much homework is needed. Surprisingly, this is not that hard to figure out - a indirect method is to compare various teaching methods in several countries, and then putting them side by side...
  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    Avalon Desktop Clock Sample at Channel 9

    Up in the Channel 9 Sandbox there is an Avalon Desktop Clock sample posted with source -- nice! If you are looking for a place to post sample projects, you can certainly use this resource up on Channel 9.
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Some more useful information re the finals

    Alan Clements, the Chair Person of CSIDC sent out a useful mail to the CSIDC finalists. With permission from him, I have used that document (modified appropriately for WESC) which I sent by mail to all of you this morning. Here it is: *********...
  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    Se une al elenco de esta obra: Christian Carnero

    Uniendose a la correrinte de colaboradores para el proyecto de la comunidad, les presento a Christian Carnero, aqui esta su introducción: “Desde hace mas de 8 años me desempeño en actividades relacionadas con el desarrollo de aplicaciones sobre...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Some Info re the Presentation and Demos

    I thought I'd post this on my blog in addition to the mail that I sent you this morning. ******************************************* WESC 2005 Finals Presentation Requirements Presentation (Friday, June 17th) Each team will make a formal...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Create your own OneNote PowerToy

    I like OneNote . A lot . I was surprised at one point by how many people used it on a non-laptop computer. Many people do. I didn't see the utility. I have a Tablet PC, and it's essential. But, on a desktop? Well, I now use it often on my desktop as well...
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