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  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Why is the compiler flag for symbols -Zi?

    If you want the compiler to emit symbols for your application, you need to specify the " /Zi " command line switch. But where on earth did they chose "i" for the flag to enable symbols? It has to do with the original Microsoft symbolic debugger. Way back...
  • Being Scott Densmore

    The return of the Iterator

    Brian is a genius. I have really been p***** ever since I lost the ability to have generic iterators like I had in C++. We can all argue about the type safety later, lets just stick to the point. Brian's post is pure genius. Learn it, love it, live it...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    Google 有 ,微软自然也有自己的 。 以前只有日文版,现在开始有中文版了,除了 Blog ,而且可以放照片和音乐。
  • Being Scott Densmore

    What do we do here?

    Sandy , a fellow Titans fan, has a great post about what we do here at patterns and practices (although a little long winded ) .
  • !! Saurabh's world of possibilities !!

    Find of the day

    Today, I created a new blog on MSN Spaces (BETA). Its one of the coolest blog providers available. you check my blog @ . My Comments: Out of the world interface with awesome features. I have hosted this image on the...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Learning more about SQL Server Express 2005 (by Mairead)

    If would like to get extra information about SQL Server Express 2005, check out the Whitepaper that Rajesh George a Program Manager on the SSE team has up on MSDN
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    .net cpu development system.

    I’ve managed to get my hands on a .netcpu development system (SPOT Development System), I’m going to get this setup and working over the next few days, I will of course document the components that come with the development kit, and take a...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Traveling the "real" Oregon Trail

    In the age of Halo and Half-Life, I just have to say this …. I still love Oregon Trail . Oregon Trail holds a special place in my heart as playing that game was the first time I ever touched a computer. My family had an Atari 5600 when I was little, but...
  • Aali's blog

    Rafal Luckawiecki suomessa 12.4.

    Suosittu puhuja TechEd- ja IT Forum-konferensseissa Rafal Luckawiecki pitää suomessa tietoturvaseminaarin 12.4.2005. Tilaisuus pidetään näillä näkymin Dipolin auditoriossa Espoon Otaniemessä, merkkaa kalenteriisi! Ilmoittautuminen ilmestynee jossain vaiheessa...
  • Aali's blog

    More options for blog hosting (MSN Spaces)

    MSN has started to host their own blog engine called MSN Spaces. There's another place where you can have your blog hosted. The place to go is . There's already some live blogs that you can take a look: Scott Isaacs (web experience...
  • Being Scott Densmore

    Another Non Admin Woe in Visual Studio

    Today I needed to run some unit tests in an admin console (thanks to Aaron ), so I fired up VS as admin and built the project and ran my tests. This was the first time I had built the project, so when I went back to loading VS as Non-Admin, I got an access...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    昨天晚上有个好心人发给了我一个 Wallop 的邀请权。今天把对这个东东的感受和大家分享一下。 Wallop 是微软的一个社会性网络。网上已经有关于这个东东的介绍,具体的: 我还没有尝试上载音乐等功能。 Wallop 给我印象最深的就是左边的星型结构的关系图,你可以顺着各个节点...
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