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  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium


    Today I spent a few hours playing Halo2 - after waiting 90 minutes with 1000 of my closest friends outside the Microsoft company store. The campaign seems to be pretty good, but it has the usual problem with FPS campaigns, where it needs to strike a balance...
  • Cyrus' Blather


    So yesterday I decided to spike the FilteredCompletionList feature. Now we need to decide where to do with it. It might seem obvious, "just ship it!", but in actuality the process is a whole lot more complicated. First of all a feature never exists in...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind...

    got my copy of Halo 2 and i was free. Well, i got my copy of Halo 2 and got my ass handed to me in the MS H2 tournament. But that's ok. I'll play the compaign and use my free live account to kick all of their butts soon :) Wow. It's a good thing we hit...
  • David Gristwood's Blog

    Understanding Web Services – UK event, November 30th, London

    Later this month I will be running a one day MSDN session around understanding Web Service – I hope some of you reading this blog will be able to make it. It’s a free event, aimed at developers and system designers, and really anyone interested in web...
  • Verticalware

    RFID...It's time

    Recently I read an interesting quote by Sir Issac Newton which goes somthing like "There is one thing stronger than all the armies of the world, and it is the idea whose time has come" , that's when the title for my blog struck me...'s time...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Connections in Vegas

    I'm in Vegas this week for Connections. Connections is a 3-part conference covering ASP.NET, Visual Studio, and SQL Server. I did the demo keynote for Marie Huwe, our fearless leader, and a session on language and IDE enhancements. I'm happy to be done...
  • manish godse's Application Insights and remoting blog

    Channel priority in remoting

    Each remoting channel has a priority associated with it. If there are multiple channels registered in the same appdomain and a MarshalByRefObject is marshalled out, all available channel data will flow with the ObjRef. The order is which this channel...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Yesterday's WebCast

    Hello everyone, I want to personally thank those of you who attended yesterday’s WebCast: InfoPath in End-to-End Enterprise Solutions: Integrating InfoPath with Siebel and SAP which was presented by Hagen Green. I hope you enjoyed the talk as much as...
  • Rudi Larno's WebLog

    Finally, InfoPath has Managed Code!!

    Announcing the InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET Back in the days that InfoPath was still code named XDocs, this was the one of the big features I was really missing, having been living and breathing .NET and managed code all over, convincing...
  • One Louder

    You never know what you've got until it's gone

    I'm not a big fan of platitudes. Really. Maybe I'm not an "out-of-the-box" thinker (hee!). Anyhoo, the person that said you don't know what you've got until it's gone (or, "you don't LOVE what you've got until it's gone" as Chicago said...yeah I'm a child...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Hiding the Image Toolbar in IE

    If you've spent any time browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer, you've seen the little toolbar that IE displays over larger images. Today's tip, contributed by Larry Anderson, explains how to hide this little bugger. In Internet Explorer 6.0, when...
  • Mai-lan's Visio Blog

    Visio “Person” Shape

    If you type “person” or “user” in the Find Shape or Search for Shapes window in Visio, you get the following results. I’m not fond of the majority of these options. I think the best shape to use to represent a single user, customer, citizen, or person...
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