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  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Team Build blog

    I guess the least represented module of Visual Studio Team System on msdn blog was Team Build . This is going to change now with the Team Build PM khushboo taking up bloging actively. See or
  • Soaked in CIDER !

    Mark Boulter video...

    Mark Boulter (Technical Lead PM) Dot Net Client team explains the new features for Whidbey. He explains his definition of "smart" clients in the first half and then talks about his work here at Microsoft. Here's the complete interview Part1 Part2
  • Rob Caron

    RSS News Reader Auditions

    A few days ago I blogged about my NewsGator problems [ Bitten by NewsGator ]. In response to that post, I’ve received quite a few comments and e-mail with alternative product recommendations (Thanks, everyone!). Top 10 Suggestions (in no particular...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    Http Compression and Assembly loading

    In .Net framework 1.0 and 1.1, fusion is not able to download assemblies hosted in web servers with http compression enabled. This is a bug in fusion, and it has been fixed in .Net framework 2.0. We may backport the fix to 1.0 and 1.1, depending on the...
  • ethanz's blog

    new (0.51) version of MCE-YAC add-in

    I just put up the new (0.51) version of MCE-YAC up on my personal blog . Version info and commentary is over there, along with the download page . Thanks to everybody who gave me great, crisp feedback. You make this easy. :) Z.
  • Rob Caron

    Tech·Ed Bloggers 2005, Tech·Ed 2005 Webcast Series, Registration Incentives & Team System

    With Tech·Ed USA approximately three months down the road, has kicked-off the Tech·Ed 2005 blogging season [ Welcome to Tech·Ed Bloggers 2005! ]. From Tech·Ed 2005 Webcast Series: Learn, Solve, Grow : Already registered for Microsoft...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Night Raid under Virtual PC

    Night Raid is a very nice remake of the old school 'Paratrooper' game - which I have never been very good at playing... *cough*. Anyway - this is a fun game for killing a couple of minutes with and the graphics and animations result in a very polished...
  • Fabio Santini

    Web Service la vendetta

    Ricordate il problema della generazione della dll per i serializzatori XML in caso ti invocazione al proxy Web service ? Oggi Giuseppe mi ha mandato una mail che riporto integralmente (a Cesare quello che è di Cesare): Per la problematica in oggetto...
  • dwinter's [MSFT] WebLog

    Some SharePoint Portal OM basic samples

    Refer to (Portal OM) and (WSS OM) for setup if you are not familiar with creating a SharePoint OM application. We'll start with a...
  • Yves Dolce

    Resource about Service Broker

    It already makes two projects I've been involved with where I had to use that technology. If you're interested to know more about it, check .
  • Stan's WWWeblog

    Revenge of the Nerds

    Now that Screech Powers and Steve Urkel have been off the air for a while, being a nerd is not so bad. They really screwed up the image. It’s OK to be a nerd. Nerds make the world go ‘round. And usually make the most money. With technology becoming a...
  • deeptanshuv's WebLog

    The Last of the Ferrari Guys...

    Daniel Spalding, our Dev Lead in the VC++ linker team, retired last friday after 18 yrs at Microsoft. In a sense it is an end of an era since he has been around, like, forever, and it is difficult to visualize a linker team w/o him. Dan was one of the...
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