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  • Bing it on

    ZDrop for eBay Sellers

    Nice to read about this very cool tool, zDrop , running on Commerce Server which helps eBay sellers to easily and cost effectively post and manage items on eBay. Would love to hear about any other publicly available tools you know of that utilize Commerce...
  • tjlau's WebLog

    AdminStudio SMS Edition

    Working closely with MacroVision/InstallShield, SMS users can now download a free version of AdminStudio for use with SMS. AdminStudio SMS Edition Download this SMS-specific edition of AdminStudio 6.0 that will help prepare, publish, and distribute software...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    CSharpStudyGroup Follow Up

    At the Atlanta C# Study Group last night, there were a few discussions that I couldn't help but chime in on. Granted, I was focused on getting my expense report done for the month, but a couple topics were discussed that I wanted to post follow-up content...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Live Meeting Technical Support when viewing MSDN Webcasts

    So some folks asked me how do you get in touch with technical support when you're having technical issues. Devin Caperoon from Microsoft Office Live Meeting support team, passed this onto Dean Andrews, who runs TechNet Webcasts. Dean in turn was kind...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Save the date - MMS 2005 will be in Vegas from April 22nd-25th

    The next Microsoft Management Summit will be held in Las Vegas, April 18th-22nd 2005. That's where you'll be able to hear all the latest news about MOM, SMS, DSI - and hopefully my team's upcoming v1 product :) So set a reminder in your calendar to check...
  • One Louder

    Interview with Chris Weber, General Manager for Microsoft's Server Platform Business Marketing Office

    I recently met with Chris Weber and his recruiter, Jennifer, to brainstorm for the upcoming interviewing event in Silicon Valley. Chris runs the Server Platform BMO and agreed to be interviewed here. I wanted you to hear from Chris because I'm incredibly...
  • Harsh Shah's eBlog

    Retail-optimized XP Embedded Operating System

    Microsoft just announced the development of customized windows embedded OS targeted towards retail POS systems. Check it out at: This is a part of Smarter Retailing Initiative from Microsoft...
  • Harsh Shah's eBlog

    Windows XP Embedded with eTRUST Antivirus Software!

    Computer Associates released eTrust Antivirus software for XP Embedded yesterday. It promises minimal footprint starting at under 6MB and compatability with XP Embedded SP2. It provides protection against viruses and a variety of other network-based threats...
  • Harsh Shah's eBlog

    Free XP Embedded SP2 Tech Preview is Available

    XP Embedded SP2 Tech preview is available for download from the following site: For more information on what is new in XP Embedded SP2, check out the following...
  • Brian Keller interview

    **10/8 Update to fix links. I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Ted Neward of which was recently posted for streaming. Ted and I discuss Visual J# .NET, the Java Language Conversion Assistant, the Sun / Microsoft agreement, and...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Mike Stall's (Relatively)New Debugger Blog

    Mike Stall is one of the devs on our base services team, and his focus is on managed debugging. I played football with Mike 4 flag football seasons back, but generally don't need to work directly with him since the debugger and security don't have very...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    You know you've got a good spam filter when…

    …users start complaining if a spam gets through. Human beings are incredibly adaptable — we can learn to live with (almost) any change, while only really noticing and complaining about the moment of change itself. User reaction to spam filter effectiveness...
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