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  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    Architect User Group Meeting Tonight

    It's late notice, but tonight is the inaugural meeting of the Puget Sound chapter of the International Association of Software Architects . Steven Houglum, MS architect evangelist for the Pacific NW, is presenting on SOA and Software Factories. The meeting...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Ken Wood - MSR Cambridge, Ubiquitous Computing.

    Here's another interesting MSDN Channel 9 video recorded at MSR Cambridge [UK] - This is an interview with Ken Wood, who works in the Interactive Systems Group at Microsoft Research - this group is chartered with looking at technology from the user down...
  • .NET Banana

    Team Based Development: Tyson's Corner, VA, Tuesday, October 26th

    I had a chance to go to Joe Brinkman's presentation on DotNetNuke at CapArea.NET last night. As always, I was impressed by what a lively group they are, and Scott and I had fun giving away a bunch of swag. Next month's meeting should be good. Chris Kinsman...
  • The Galactic Patrol

    Kudos to BankOne

    You so often hear about crappy service from credit card and financial services companies; it was a delight to read this very positive report by Chris Sells on BankOne’s actions in response to credit card fraud on one of his accounts: “Apparently...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    MSDN Flash - Wednesday, 29 September, 2004

    Visit the Microsoft Australia MSDN site | Sign up for other newsletters | Unsubscribe | Update your profile Jason Keeps a LookOut for the Best on Microsoft .NET Technology Hello, fellow MSDN Flash readers. My name is Jason McConnell and I work with Frank...
  • Mai-lan's Visio Blog

    Troubleshooting Jagged Lines in Visio Flowcharts

    As one user posted in blog feedback, it can be utterly aggravating when your flowchart acquires jagged lines . It's remarkably easy to get into this state. I don't know about you, but I end up with jagged lines when I start to resize shapes while maintaining...
  • Marley Gray's WebLog

    Why deny COM+?

    Recently I have seen too many customers writing their own transaction, thread pooling, role based AuthZ…code when they should have just used COM+ to host their business components. Just because they are using managed code and they can do database transactions...
  • ronpih's weblog

    Snippets - redirecting stdin,stdout,stderr to a file

    I'm starting a new category called snippets. These posts will be little bits of code that I think are interesting or that I needed to do but took me a while to find or figure out. I'm posting these because I want a place to collect them and maybe other...
  • Ryan Storgaard's Blog

    Mobility Videos on Channel 9

    While we're on the mobility theme here I just noticed Scoble put up some cool mobility videos on Channel 9 . (Remember you can download these now too!!) Tour of mobile devices with Visual Studio for Devices team A look at the emulator that's built into...
  • Marley Gray's WebLog

    Dungeon Master

    Upon some feedback about neglecting to mention Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon I will admit I have read it twice and listened to the abridged tape once. I do not recommend listening to the audio until you have read the book as it abridges some of the...
  • Michał Cierniak

    Workshop on the Future of Virtual Execution Environments

    I've been looking this week at presentation from the Workshop on the Future of Virtual Execution Environments hosted by IBM Research two weeks ago. Most of the presentations are online . Reading through the slides you can get a good idea of what different...
  • One Louder

    "Resume black hole" and my commitment to you

    People are often amazed to get an actual response from a real person when they send their resume to me. Heck, I remember what it's like to be looking for a position and what it's like to wait for a Microsoft recruiter to get back to you. And I remember...
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