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  • Ben Armstrong

    MinerVGA under Virtual PC

    MinerVGA is a simple but fun game - where you control a miner as he seeks his wealth so that he can retire and marry his sweet heart. Balance your health, mining equipment and money as you dig through treacherous shifting soils: You can download MinerVGA...
  • Chris Rathjen

    Workspace Version

    We're having something of a debate about the use and precise meaning of the tem "workspace version". I'm interested in what people's reaction to the term is. As before, TF commands are in bold, and output from the server is in italics (and may not be...
  • Aali's blog

    Is OOP dead?

    While listening to DNR the other day, I was inspired by Carl 's and Rory 's discussion about this article about OOP . It is an interesting take on object orientation in programming, and while I don't agree with most of the opinions presented in it I have...
  • Petter's WebLog

    MSDN Live in Bergen, Norway just about completed

    I had the opportunity to meet about 200 unique developers in Bergen yesterday and today. Bergen has a large population of smart developers who found both days very interesting (well I hope so - will find out next week when the evals are back). Day 1:...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Vail or bust!

    Woo-hoo! It’s vacation time for me! I wanted to let you all know that I will be on vacation and away from JobsBlog until 2/21. While I’m gone, I’m turning “comment moderation” on, so if you post a comment, you won’t see it show up until I review it upon...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Imagine Cup - How is the US faring on the leaderboards?

    The leader boards are now active in several of the Invitationals (follow the links – you need to register first!) – a short recap: Algorithm Invitational : While students from Australia and the United States (go California ) are in the 1-2 slots, China...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Webcasts rollup - Lots of great webcasts for students

    Not sure what a Webcast is? Check this out . You can watch them live or recorded, either way they are a lot more fun than reading a text book. A sampling of what’s coming – see the rest of the newsletter for all the rest: Digital Blackbelt Series : Joe...
  • Aali's blog

    Jack Greenfield presenting later today

    MS Germany has managed to arrange Jack Greenfield, one of the fathers of software factories concept, to present in a webcast today! Hurry up and register (it takes some imagination if you haven't studied german at school) to watch it!
  • Luke Nyswonger

    BizTalk Server 2004 Product Documentation Updates

    The Microsoft BizTalk Server documentation team is pleased to announce the release of the RTW+6 documentation set for BizTalk Server 2004 (Documentation Update 2). This update contains numerous fixes to the existing documentation based heavily on customer...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Geek of the Week - Aamer Abbas, University of North Carolina

    --> Getting these started up again - this week it's Aamer Abbas, a Microsoft Student Ambassador from the University of North Carolina. In his own words... My name is Aamer Abbas and I'm a senior at the University of North Carolina. Though I have many...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    WikiWiki: The Power of Collaborative Content Development

    Jon Udel has posted a fascinating multimedia demonstration of the power of collaborative editing and social sanctioning by exploring the life of a single Wikipedia topic over a two year period. Audio required. Slightly more than halfway through the demo...
  • David Hill's WebLog

    Composite Smart Clients

    The composite smart client pattern is an important pattern that allows powerful smart client solutions to be developed, deployed and managed in a very agile way. The pattern is a simple one - a shell or host environment provides the overall UI structure and access to a number of smart client services, and then modules, which provide specific business logic, plug into it. They integrate with the user interface and communicate with each other to form a fully coherent smart client solution......
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