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  • Brian Goldfarb's Blog

    Whidbey Beta 2 signoff, ASP.NET style

    ScottGu asked me to point folks to his blog entry -- we signed off on Beta 2 a few days ago and he catalogs some of the hard problems we worked through in the end-game .. a must read -- check it out here
  • Erik Dibbern Röser

    Saa er foraaret kommet for alvor...

    Det er i dag et vejr – et solskinsvejr! O, søde vår, nu er du atter nær! Nu vil jeg glemme rent, at det var vinter, nu vil jeg gå og købe hyacinter og bringe dem til en, som jeg har kær Sådan starter Ludvig Holsteins gamle forårsbebudende sang - og...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Microsoft Management Summit 2005: Day 0

    If everything had gone according to plan I'd have arrived in Las Vegas by now, with a couple of hours to check into the hotel and then an evening of prep sessions and rehearsals. Of course, nothing ever quite goes according to plan, and a hydraulic leak...
  • Nigel Parker's Outside Line

    Beta 2 has shipped on MSDN!

    Stay tuned Sean will post very soon confirming how you can order a copy of the new Beta's on DVD in New Zealand to save a massive download bill :) The MOTO and PMG teams are very pleased to announce today’s release of the Web sites to support the...
  • VinceX.NET's WebLog

    Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 available on MSDN

    Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 is live Get the new Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 release, which includes the latest tools for building Windows, Web, and mobile applications, as well as the first beta release of Visual Studio 2005 Team System. (April 15, Download...
  • Darren Jefford

    BizTalk and Hyper-Threaded Processors

    This great new article from the BizTalk Performance Blog has reminded me of a potentially nasty issue when you have Hyper-Threading enabled processors on your BizTalk box. BizTalk comes out of the box with some default performance tuning settings which...
  • simon.says

    Switched to VOIP?

    Ok, it's been too long... After yet another "phone call of despair" to my current telephone provider today, I've decided I really need to switch to VOIP for my home phone. My requirements are fairly simple: I have three phones in the house which need...
  • Johan Lindfors

    Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 has arrived!

    So many have waited, now the beta 2 is finally here.
  • Dev Notes

    VS 2005 Beta 2 is Live ! How should the developer go ahead...?

    Good news for Developers :-) Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 beta 2 are now available for download. You can find more info at the VS 2005 Developer Center . You can alternatively Order a DVD for the Visual Studio Team System beta 2 . before...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    My other blog is a Mercedes

    For those who don't already know about it, I blog about non-technical things on MSN Spaces at . I'm reserving my MSDN blogs for technical topics, so if you want to read some more of my random ramblings, check out...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    Stalled/stuck I/O and SQL Server 2000 SP4

    Service Pack 4 for SQL Server 2000, due out any day now, has a number of new features oriented toward making the product easier to support. One of these is the new detection and reporting of stalled or stuck I/O operations. A stalled I/O is an I/O operation...
  • Dev Notes

    Microsoft's Search Engine

    Found this on Umesh's blog...Quite interesting... Now, here's a search engine that focuses on Microsoft technology! they cover Microsoft Server applications, .NET and programming, Operating Systems, Microsoft desktop and Office applications, and gaming...
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