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  • David L's Blog

    Feed me!

    Um, first I used to just read a few blogs here and there, when there wasn't much to do, but then, I started reading them everyday before work, now, my family hardly sees me... This was a confession alot of us have heard recently, and to be honest, I've...
  • Sam Jarawan's WebLog

    Fix'n bugs...

    Gosh, it's been a couple weeks since I last blogged, amazing how easy it is to neglect when busy but that's no excuse! So what have I been doing in the past couple of weeks on Team Foundation System you ask. Well mostly bug fixing. We're getting close...
  • Sebastien St-Laurent's (AKA Sebby) WebLog

    Work, GDC, Publishing, ... (Update for 03/07/05)

    It's been a while since i had much of interest to discuss. Thought I'd do a roundup of what has been going on lately. Work... Work is progressing well. Of course i can't discuss any specifics of what I am working on yet as it has not been publicly announced...
  • David L's Blog

    Visual Studio 2005 February CTP

    There seems to be a fair bit of confusion around regarding the Feb release of the VS2005 CTP. It is available via the MSDN subscribers download section, however, I haven't seen it anywhere else on the web. It was released on the 3rd of March for those...
  • Write Ahead Blog

    Desktop uprade wishlist

    My PC may be only one and half years old, but I've already started feeling the urge to upgrade it. After starting most common applications, I find myself hitting that 384MB physical memory limit. And when I hear my hard disk clatter as I open files, I...
  • Toffer's WebLog

    SQL sproc or not to sproc???

    So how does a person know when the best time is to use a stored procedure vs a normal sql statment? For example....I created a test database and made a stored procedure to return all the rows of my table. Then I made a C# function that called that stored...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Concurrency, part 12 - Hidden scalability issues, part 2

    Last time, I mentioned that even when you get everything right, you can STILL have scalability issues... To explain what's going on, a digression. One of the major features of Exchange 2000 was the ability for the store to access multiple databases (before...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Scoble is right about RSS and blogging - this is why I agree

    Scoble states it as it is : "Here's my thesis: companies that have lots of bloggers will end up making better products, will end up having better marketing and PR, will end up making more profit at the end of the day, and will be more likely to have more...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Web Services Edge Content

    The Web Services Edge conference had some really great information. In case you couldn’t attend. I wanted to pass on the following videos that you might find interesting. Ari Bixhorn presents Indigo Thom Robbins Web Service’s Edge Interview
  • Rob Caron

    XNA Studio (Based on VSTS!) to Integrate Teams and Speed Game Production

    • 2 Comments SAN FRANCISCO — March 7, 2005 — Today at the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft Corp. announced new XNA™ software that will enable enhanced collaboration between content creators...
  • Keith Short's Blog

    Restarting My Blog

    It’s been a long time since I wrote to my blog. This posting is my restart. One of the reasons I’ve been so quiet is that I’ve been involved in some start up projects here at Microsoft that we are not yet ready to blog about. These have taken quite a...
  • Jeromy Carriere's WebLog

    Bad day for Microsoft; good day for Amazon

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