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  • oliverlu's WebLog


    这个 Blog 的副标题已经找到:牛也乱弹琴。灵感来自 洪波的网志 — 对牛 乱弹琴 。 既然是乱弹琴,就有时随便放一些有意思的东西,但不会刻意去整理 — 反正是乱弹。:-) 今天看到很有意思的一个东东,是 MSN 的新的搜索引擎: Google 已经是这方面的老大了,让我们看看微软能不能做得更好。 现在 Blog 越来越多,上面有很多有用的信息。但是怎么样去搜索对你有用的 Blog ?可以看看下面的一篇文章: Finding...
  • Rob Caron

    New Team System Stuff - 2004-10-27

    Domain-Specific Language Tools & The Software Factories Vision During Rick Rashid's keynote at OOPSLA on Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new framework and tool for building custom visual designers based on the modeling technology in Visual...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    Hermiston's Li'l Hotspot

    [Richard Hundhausen] " Read this in Mobile PC magazine, then did my own research. Turns out that Hermiston County, Oregon, recently installed 75 towers to transmit signals over a 600-square-mile area . This is even more amazing, if you've ever driving...
  • Paul Andrew

    .NET Developer Bloggers in New Zealand

    Borrowed from Tim Sneath a list of .NET Developers in New Zealand who have a blog. Feel free to add a comment to this page to get yourself on the list - it's a short list so far. Chris Auld - Regional .NET User Group Leader Kirk Jackson - Wellington ...
  • [Profoundly Esoteric Image]

    We're out in the open - what tools are you going to build?

    Finally we've announced the toolset that we're building and we're all off the leash to talk rather more openly.  You can read more about the announcement with Keith , Stuart , Steve and Harry .  Rob  has a summary of the coverage over on the Team System...
  • MS.COM Operations Tools Team WebLog

    A worl withou NHL hockey

    I thought I'd get in on the recent sports commentary theme. :-) I'm Canadian, and as such, I am attuned to the pulse of ice hockey whether I like it or not. It really sucks not having any NHL hockey to watch on television, and it looks like we're going...
  • Andrew May's WebLog

    Publisher: Working with Multiple Open Documents

    Here's something I didn't notice until I'd been programming with Publisher for awhile: You might have noticed that in Publisher 2003, we added a Documents collection to the Application object. But, you might ask, isn't Publisher a single document interface...
  • Keith Short's Blog

    Report from OOPSLA

    We’re into our third day here at OOPSLA. On Monday, Jack Greenfield , Steve Cook and I delivered our full-day tutorial as I described in my last posting. I think it was received well by those who attended – based on chats we had with those who shared...
  • Stephen Toub

    WinDev Coding Questions

    I'm up at WinDev in Boston this week (I know, I know, it's really Quincy), and last night MSDN had an Ask The Experts reception where, in addition to the great food and drink, we also gave away some cool prizes for correct answers to .NET trivia and coding...
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    GPCE 2004 - Jack Greenfield Keynote

    Once more on this trip I find myself in a conference room watching a keynote speech at an early hour. This one is being given by Jack Greenfield to the Generative Programming and Component Engineering conference (co-located with OOPSLA). Jack (as yet...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    New Generation of handheld video/game players...

    I've just seen an article on Engadget about the Playstation Portable (PSP) - IMVHO the device looks pretty darn cool (photo below) - it looks like the PSP will retail for around $200. As for battery life, Sony has gone on record to promise “between four...
  • To the tune of James

    New MS Emerging Business site launched

    I am very excited about the new home for Emerging Business on This is the new home for information answering the following questions, which I get all the time: How can MS help me get funded? Can MS fund my startup? Would MS like to buy...
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