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  • oliverlu's WebLog

    Cω is a strongly typed, data oriented programming language that bridges the gap between between semi-structured hierarchical data (XML), relational data (SQL), and the .NET Common Type System (CTS). 这是 微软 研究 院 的 页面上 ,对 Cω 的解释。 感觉像是手表!这个东东是对 C# 的一个扩展,不知道以后会不会成为下一代语言...
  • Roberdan

    Rights Management Can Protect or Offend

    Companies should tread carefully when using Microsoft'stool for limiting employee access to corporate documents. Ask people about digital rights management and most will offer an opinion regardingthe rights and wrongs of peer-to-peer file swapping. But...
  • simon.says

    Review of WSCF

    This week, Christian Weyer of Thinktecture released a tool called WSCF (WS Contract First), designed to help promote developing Web Services using a WSDL first approach - and hence make services naturally more interoperable. Instead of just posting a...
  • Share Points

    SharePoint Branding

    Dan has just managed to get a couple of new articles published on MSDN that are concerned with branding SharePoint Sites. This is a must read for anyone who is serious about customising the look'n'feel of SharePoint.
  • Jesper snackar dynga då och då. Här är beviset.

    Svensk Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

    Många användare har visat intresse för att få MCE på svenska, och nu är det på gång. Inom ett år borde du kunna få tag på en fullt lokaliserad version av Media Center EDition, inklusive stöd för svenska tablåer. Pressrelease finns på
  • Being Scott Densmore

    API Studies

    Last night I went and heard a talk from Steven Clarke on API usability. I always heard knew about this, but after hearing Steven talk last night, man I am starting to get my head around how different developers approach an API. Now if there was one take...
  • The Old New Thing

    Dragging a shell object, part 4: Adding a prettier drag icon

    Adding a prettier drag icon....
  • The Old New Thing

    Time to dust off your conspiracy theories

    Apartment in Stockholm explodes under mysterious circumstances....
  • Chris Garty's Weblog

    Ward Cunningham on Patterns and XP

    Ward Cunningham recently did a great interview with TSS.Net . In the interview he talks at length on some great topics including XP, patterns, team development, communication, simplicity, testing, and feedback. If you haven't seen it already, it is definitely...
  • .net and other interesting dev stuff in PA

    First of our SQL Server Hands-on labs

    On Tuesday we had a hands-on lab around SQL Server 2005, sponsored by Microsoft, the PhillyDotNet User Group, and the Philadelphia SQL Server user group. 63 developers and about 6-8 volunteers came for 2.5 hours in this first intro level lab. Next month...
  • .net and other interesting dev stuff in PA

    SQL Server Developer Survey - Prizes!

    From our SQL Server Product Group: This is an invitation given by Microsoft to leading edge application developers to participate in a research survey that seeks feedback on improving the application development experience working with data platforms...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Life simplification redux...

    Back in June, I wrote a post about wanting to simplify my life, and to enjoy life more. I've made progress in some areas, not so much in other areas. Last summer I ended up pretty burned out, and I feel like I'm just starting to get caught up on a lot...
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