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  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Hell Hath No Fury...

    I'm not sure if it's because my 20month old daughter kept me awake last night, or the lack of coffee today, but it's been a slow day. Then I read this , and it made me giggle!
  • NETNew WebLog

    Just released: Connected Systems Business Kit

    Check out a cool new kit available for free at . It features whitepapers, case studies, and architectural information on Connected Systems and SOA. In addition, it contains a walk-through of Microsoft's implementation...
  • Adam Singer

    Alice in changesets

    In our last episode , we discussed the checkin process. Of course, checking in changes isn't the end of the process; it's really just a new beginning. Changesets represent discrete points in time and can be used refer to a specific state of the repository...
  • Under The Hood - Matt Pietrek

    Diagnosing DBGHELP symbol loading

    I've had a love/hate relationship with DBGHELP.DLL for a long time, as reader of my MSDN column well knew. I love what DBGHELP does, but I hate when my calls to it fail and I have no clue why. One of the cool things about working at Microsoft is the...

    April Security Bulletins Released

    Microsoft released a number of critical and important security bulletins today. You can get information about these at the Security Bulletin Search site. Here's a link to the bulletin summary for April 2005: Technical Microsoft Security Bulletin...
  • ReuvenLax

    Some words on performance

    In my list of afterthoughts, the third item is performance. Why don't developers like thinking about performance from the start? It's clearly not for the same reasons as backup and security, since performance is about a product working well. Nobody will...
  • Jamie's Junk

    Spam, Viewers, Programming and Press Releases

    I just started a new subscription is Scientific American and my first issue caught me by surprise with this article about spam . David Heckerman, one of the authors, manages the group in Microsoft Research with which we collaborate on the algorithms in...
  • CorrecteurOrthographiqueOffice

    Nouveau correcteur orthographique français! ~ New French speller!

    [English follows] Que vous soyez originaire du Maroc , du Congo , de Belgique , du Canada , de Suisse , de France ou de tout autre pays francophone, si vous aimez la langue française et si vous utilisez votre ordinateur pour écrire en français, ce...
  • Riding Herd

    XMLHTTP primer on ASP.NET Support Voice

    Brian Goldfarb sent me an email pointer to the latest ASP.NET Support Voice posting. This one covers implementing an AJAX-style experience using XMLHTTP to asynchronously fetch data from a web service . I also just noticed that Brian's link to Bertrand...
  • NETNew WebLog

    New BizTalk and .NET Training Available

    There is a wealth of new training available in both physical lab and e-learning formats. Given that this training is in high demand, here are some links to the new offerings. New BizTalk e-Learning offerings from MS-Learning: 2434 : Introduction...
  • NETNew WebLog

    WSRP and SharePoint portals

    I've gotten a couple of questions lately on WSRP support and Sharepoint - here's some guidance I've gleaned from some experts in Redmond: Microsoft does not yet officially offer WSRP support, however the SharePoint team has developed two unofficial...
  • NETNew WebLog

    Article: Querying and Updating a Database Using Web Services in InfoPath and ASP.NET

    Interesting article on use web services to extend the functionality on InfoPath forms to non-InfoPath clients.... "This proof-of-concept article demonstrates how some functionality of a Microsoft Office InfoPath solution, based on a Web service, can...
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