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  • [Profoundly Esoteric Image]

    Using our newsgroup with an nntp client

    We've set up a newsgroup for discussion of our DSL Tools - microsoft.private.whidbey.teamsystem.workshop.dsltools.   You can read this on the web , but if you want to read it using an NNTP client, you'll need to connect to our private news server...
  • Rob Caron

    New Team System Stuff - 2004-11-09

    Team Foundation Version Control For months you've been reading blog posts on Team Foundation version control (the feature formerly known as Hatteras) from the likes of Buck Hodges , Jason Barile , Korby Parnell , Sam Mullis , Jim Presto , Chris Rathjen...
  • chavakiran's WebLog

    Opening an application from " Start + Run "

    If you want to open notepad you can open from clicking on start button, all programs, accessories, notepad Or you can also open by running 'notepad'. i.e press start button + R and type notepad and press enter. Like wise you can open wordpad devenv -...
  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    Roger Sessions on WS-*

    Roger Sessions , noted architectural guru, author and Microsoft Architect MVP, has posted his latest newsletter on the WS-* family of specs. In typical Roger fashion, he decides to give them his own name - WS-SCRAM with SCRAM standing for "Secure, Coordinated...
  • kumarSanjeev's WebLog


    Hello world.
  • Carter Maslan

    New Technical Evangelist Position - Whidbey and WinFX

    I'm looking for an outstanding Technical Evangelist to join our team ( this new job posting ) Since our career site falls short on text formatting, here's a somewhat easier-to-read version of the same: Technical Evangelist Do you love helping companies...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Hacking 'Repeatable Save State Restore' into Virtual PC

    One feature that people regularly ask for in Virtual PC is the ability to have a virtual machine in a 'saved state' and to then be able to repeatedly restore the virtual machine from that saved state. This is particularly useful for training and demonstration...
  • shawn's blog

    A real live rock star

    It is so cool to see a real live rock star every now and then. I was headed to my last meeting of the evening, when a panicked Rory swung by, looking for an office to crash in. Luckily, I've got folks from my team slung out all over the green earth right...
  • MWCC's WebLog

    Introducing the Windows Technology Adoption Team

    The Windows Technology Adoption Program (TAP) team exists to drive greater and higher quality customer, ISV, and OEM input into the product development process for Windows. Our goal is to understand the entire customer eco-system where the operating system...
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    VB Script to get list of services into an Excel list

    Borrowing some code from the following from the TechNet Script Repository for Office : Format a range of cells List Service Data in a Spreadsheet List Excel Color Values I was able to make a little VB Script app that lists all of the services on my Windows...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium


    Today I spent a few hours playing Halo2 - after waiting 90 minutes with 1000 of my closest friends outside the Microsoft company store. The campaign seems to be pretty good, but it has the usual problem with FPS campaigns, where it needs to strike a balance...
  • Cyrus' Blather


    So yesterday I decided to spike the FilteredCompletionList feature. Now we need to decide where to do with it. It might seem obvious, "just ship it!", but in actuality the process is a whole lot more complicated. First of all a feature never exists in...
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