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  • Chris Johnson


    I am working on a project at the moment which has an app on PocketPC. We are building it on the Compact Framework ... and want to play video, flash and audio etc... in the application. However, one big thing missing from the .Net CF is the ability to...
  • Chris Johnson

    F1 here we come....

    It has been a while coming... but this Thu me and a few mates are heading off to the Aussie Formula 1 Grand Prix. Go McLaren I say. Will be VERY intesting to see how this season shapes up. We will be sitting in the Brabham stand right at the end of the...
  • Man vs Code

    being irrational

    Starsky and Hutch comes out Friday. For better or worse, in my opinion this film is going to be a “classic”, although I really have no choice but to say so. A little background here: a few years ago I was heard saying that "All Owen Wilson...
  • .NET Banana

    SQL Server Reporting Services and Yukon: Philadelphia, Wednesday, March 17th

    The next generation of SQL Server, codenamed “Yukon”, has a ton of cool features for developers . Philly .NET has a meeting on SQL Server Yukon and SQL Server Reporting Services coming up on March 17th . Bill Wolff of Agility Systems will...
  • The Scripting Guys' First Blog

    Pick a Day, Any Day

    I’m in a good mood today, which makes two days in a row that I haven’t just sat around grousing and complaining (a new personal record!). But that’s because baseball season has officially started: we drafted our team last Thursday, the...
  • .NET Banana

    Creating Custom Enterprise Templates in Visual Studio .NET: Columbia, MD, Tuesday, March 16th

    If you have used Visual Studio .NET, you've seen a glimpse of the enterpise template feature. When you go to the New Project dialog box, you create a new project that uses one of the pre-canned templates we provide with Visual Studio. Wouldn't it be cool...
  • The Old New Thing

    Why are HANDLE return values so inconsistent?

    If you look at the various functions that return HANDLE s, you'll see that some of them return NULL (like CreateThread ) and some of them return INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE (like CreateFile ). You have to check the documentation to see what each particular...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    at security summit

    i'm here at the sydney security summit, sitting in the first session after lunch, which is all security. dave glover is presenting about securing session state. the room is about 80% full and folks are listening intently. we also kicked of msdn...
  • robgruen's WebLog

    Frustrations With Transparent WinForms

    I was working on an application today trying to get a transparent form to work and for the life of me what I was trying to do was not working the way I expected. Basically I was trying create a transparent form and draw a “moving” geometrical...
  • Chris Garty's Weblog

    A new Microsoft community effort - MSDN Connection

    The new MSDN Connection program is out... Frank Arrigo annouced it today . It has been a while since I first heard about this from Chuck , but it is worth the wait. The idea behind the MSDN connection program is a noble one: to help bring together the...
  • Chris Garty's Weblog

    MDNUG: March 10 meeting cancelled

    The MDNUG meeting that was planned for the 10th of March has been cancelled since the presenter we had planned has become unavailable. The next MDNUG meeting will be on the 23rd of March.
  • Yves Dolce


    I did not know about this compiler switch but learned about it on what we call an internal Distribution List. Have a look at those newsgroup entries and the related “ INFO: Using the /d1PrivateNativeTypes Compiler Switch to Make Native Classes...
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